Monday, December 20, 2010

Hulu Langat Training Ride Series 2

The foldie gang at the Kuala Klawang - Semenyih junction in Hulu Langat
Veteran folding bike rider Uncle Bil Choy made a clarion call for all the folding bike club members on keeping fit after the Putrajaya 50km onslaught two weeks ago.
He called for a training ride in Hulu Langat and conducted a ride last week. It was first in a series of training rides in the area.
I found this to be really useful as a measure to increase my stamina and endurance for long commutes and rides.
The hilly part enroute to the Hulu Langat reservoir proved to be a testing ground.
I made it all the way to the bt 14 junction, but on the way back to the starting point, I found that my legs were strained beyond its limit.
And just as I decided to rest, I watched as other riders rode past me.
My legs had turned to a mush of goo. I could hardly feel it and when I pedalled the crank, I can feel it trembling.
That was how unfit I had become of the years of eating and drinking.
Although I don't smoke, I can feel my lungs burning with each breath drawn.
Despite all that, I managed to complete the 31.8km course in about two and a half hours.
As far as the ride is concerned, it was a satisfying outing cos I got plenty of exercise.
Well, having given it much thought, I should ride every week and this would keep the unsightly bulge on my stomach down as well as control my high blood pressure.
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