Sunday, December 5, 2010

Putrajaya Interpark Ride series 05

Michelle and I at the starting line in series 05 of the interparks ride

This was oneof the toughest section of the entire ride

The fifth interparks series ride in Putrajaya was a memorable affair.
Like usual, Michelle and I woke up really early to join in the ride a day after our Ipoh city ride.
We did an 18-km loop around Putrajaya and was taken to some really cool locations around this planned administrative city.
In the first leg of the ride, one of the lady cyclist had crashed at a sloped corner.
I saw the lady lying unconscious with blood flowing from her face.
Later, we found out that she suffered a fractured arm and lacerations on her face as she crashed after losing control of her bicycle.
To sum it up, the ride was enjoyable and this time, Michelle won a helmet at the lucky draw.
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