Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SRAM Dual Drive

High tech component - the SRAM Dual Drive transmission system
I'm no bicycle expert and certainly am not a gadget snob.
It took me a while to realise that some of the Dahon high-end folding bikes with 27-speed transmission are without a triple chain ring.
This is achieved with the SRAM dual drive system - a combination of a group set and a hub gear. 
With the system installed on your bike, there won't be a quick release system for the rear-wheel.
And after ploughing through tonnes of information on the internet, I learned that the SRAM dual drive was an ingenious way to save space and give small bikes the performance of a bigger bike. 
This means, more power for hills, straights and even the rough terrain.
So far, the Dual Drive system is available on some of Dahon's premium bikes, namely the Speed TR, Speed TT Pro (replaced by the Vector X27h), Jetstream EX and Mu EX. 
It would be really exciting to see Dahon's new range of 2011 folding bikes in the months to come..
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