Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 - The year in review

This has been an interesting year with many things working out for me.
But it started with a sour note with the passing of my father.
In honor of his death, I did not celebrate Chinese New Year and my wedding anniversary.
On the positive side, I managed to chalk up a good pay rise and this was followed by a salary adjustment a few months back.
Speaking on personal pursuits, the year began with plenty of photography outings. Things came to an abrupt end sometime in June when I had a bust-up with a member of a peer group.
I learned that if you make a living out of a past-time, you would do everything to protect it. Even if it is at the expense of your peer's integrity.
One of the guys in this group also took advantage of my contacts in Canon to get some goods at discounted price. Way I see it, while you are at it, whack all you can.
I took a break from photography and continued with my outdoor pursuit.
This led me to the peak of Mount Kinabalu with my wife Michelle and brother in-law Vincent.
To me, it was a proud moment.
Following that, I resumed my interest in cycling my folding bike.
We started exploring our options and ended up in places like Pulau Ketam, Malacca, Tanjung Malim and Ipoh.
Cycling takes my mind off many things and it felt great to stay fit.
Career wise, I don't have anything to complain at all.
Things are working out for me because two years ago around this time, I was contemplating to move on with my career.
Seems that favouritism, oppression, double standards and racism became an issue at the old work place.
And I'd always wondered where the people who gave me such a hard time would end up.
Well, recently, I found out that most of these pretty folks are now congregated in a scum pool.
They are working in a lifestyle pullout of a business newspaper. I never knew shit could stack up so high, but there you have it.
I also found out that the very guy who gave me 20sen to fuck off during a company annual dinner in Bangsar is now on Facebook.
I wanted to send him a message and ass-rape him, but my buddy whom I spoke to about this told me to fuck it because he is not worth it.
Yeah, I guess when you are ric and famous, you become a monster.
People tend to lose themselves. So, I let it be.
Sometime in the middle of this year, I rekindled my friendship with an old friend.
Our mission is to train a bunch of King Scouts from Victoria Institution.
So far, so good, we managed very well with the experimental batch. There's more to come and yes, I am back in Scouting, now, as a trainer.
I can't say much for 2011 because its just way ahead.
As it is, I am blessed with the companionship of my wonderful wife, a pack of Huskies, my knives, folding bikes and toys!
All I can look forward to: is to many cycling outings and resume my interest in capturing bugs on camera...
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