Sunday, December 19, 2010

Speed P8 - further upgrades...

My Dahon Speed P8
After nearly two years of riding my Dahon Speed P8, the 2009 model has gone through a bit of upgrades in terms of accessories.
I love the design geometry of the bike and would certainly keep it even if a new bike follows.
Its a smooth bike to ride and as far as technology is concerned, certain features on this machine is way ahead of its time.
My only grouse is the 8-speed gear and some dudes actually showed their pimped Speed P8.
They've added twin or triple chainrings to give it more speed for hill climbing.
This can be achieved by modifying the bike to accept a front deraileur and additional shifter.
I studied this thoroughly and found that the Speed P8 would best be a training bike.
There were thoughts of adding a SRAM double drive hub, deraileur and shifter to the Speed P8, but this would rob it of its identity of a folding town bike.
The only upgrade that I can think of, is a pair of new MKS exim superior pedals. And best of all, this one comes in Black!
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