Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Killer Queen

No cat is safe from this pooch...
There was a huge commotion on my backyard yesterday evening.
Sir Naughty, our six year old male Siberian Husky was restless as there was something hiding behind the pandan leaves that is growing wild there.
In the past, several stray cats have fallen prey to our dogs.
This time, an adult female cat which was nursing five kittens were the unlucky ones.
Just as I was opening the rear gate, our dogs leapt into the pandan leaves and the next thing I heard was some loud hissing.
The cat was finished.
It took less than five minutes for the dogs to finish off the adult feline.
This was followed by the kittens.
Our dogs killed without mercy.
In a single day, I picked up six carcasses and disposed them.
The stray cat population in my neighbourhood is getting out of control and the dogs are their only natural control agents.
With the huskies' highly attuned instincts, the cats stood no chance.
Our girl did most of the work as the boy worked hand-in-hand to flush out their prey.
At the end of the ordeal, our dogs were scarred from their encounter with the female stray cat.
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