Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lencana Usaha - Broga 6km Hike

Hiking up Broga Hill

This was the toughest section of the hike

The Boy Scouts and their testers

Bob and me at the second peak

The boys, successfully completing their journey test

Slow and steady was the pace of our 'Patrol X' experimental troop for a three-year King Scout programme initiated by Datuk Bob Lew, my ex-schoolmate.
We planned it in such a way, the boys would have to go through a series of training and tests before they could qualify for King Scout assessment.
So far, we've had a decent run with four boys from Patrol-X.
They've been committed and our first series of merit badges conferred to the boys were their Lencana Usaha which was completed yesterday.
This includes a 6km hike which I had designed to incorporate a mini-expedition to scale Broga Hill.
The programme includes map reading, bearing marking and taking geographical information on the location.
Bob was instrumental in rounding up the boys which he had hand-picked.
With patrol-X progressing to their first Boy Scout merit badge, there were some resistance from some older boys in Victoria Institution's 2nd Bangsar Troop.
Some of the seniors demanded to be trained. This is something that I would not condone because their level of committment has never been assessed.
Besides that, their clickish behaviour is something that I would not tolerate.
At the end of the Broga hike, the boys were also issued with their personal Mora knives as a reward to their effort.
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