Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little spruce-up

HTML codes
I know next to nothing about HTML programming.
When I set up the Malaysia Knife Forums a couple of years ago, I took a crash course on building a header for the Forums. 
This was to give it an identity of its own.
Later, Eric Wong, my buddy had helped out in designing a logo for the Malaysia Knife Forums.
When I did the Foldies Forum, it was bare.
I tweaked a bit with the HTML codes, which turned out to be a disaster.

Internet resources
I found a website that gave hands-on tutorial on HTML codes for forums.
This allowed me to experiment with different fonts and aligning the header by using the given codes. 
Well, basicall, it was 'cut and paste' thing and through tweaking here and there, I managed to get the words up.

Fonts and graphics
I had no issue building the font to its desired size.
But, the graphics has proven to be a challenge. A lot of pop art on the internet are copyrighted and I found the image of a bicycle for this purpose.
Although it was not a folding bike, its a start...

The header, still in its crude stage, but its as good as it gets...
A long way to go...
I am no artist and I think we have a long way to go in terms of getting things right. 
When the foldies forums was set up, we had a handful of people, mainly friends who had lend their support. 
I did asked around about doing the header, but no response. I guess people expect to get paid, well, that won't work - especially when Malaysian Foldies is a free forum.
Hopefully, there are talented people out there who can contribute to spruce up the looks of the forums. 
And since we've migrated from the Google Groups, things are looking really good! 
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