Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Samo's new fisheye zoom lens

A diabolical plan...
One of my goals in 2011 was to score a Canon EF8-15mm F4.0L fisheye zoom lens.
Basically, I am done with bicycles. Especially folding bikes.
I did had a Dahon Flo X20 in mind. 
But after being fucked over by the people who sells them here, I told them to kiss my ass.
So, the next thing I had in mind, was to expand my L-series lenses.
The first thing that came in mind was the EF8-15mm fisheye zoom.
I love to distort things and the first attempt I made was with my Canon Powershot G-12's effect settings. It was fun!

Finally, after a long wait..
Mr CH Loh, an old friend of mine who is still employed by The New Straits Times reminded me about the price increase for Canon products.
The new pricing info, would be at least 7% more than the retail price.
I placed an order through him for the 8-15mm and waited for two months before I took delivery of the lens..

The 8-15mm Fisheye zoom is my fourth L-series lens
First impressions...
Out of the box, the EF8-15mm is one solid piece of engineering.
It came mounted with a special lens hood and cap.
You can't fit a filter on this lens, but there is a slot at the rear for a gel filter.
To maximise the fisheye lens, the focal setting for my EOS7D APS-C sensor camera body is 10mm. 
Vignetting occurs when you the zoom setting is on 'full'. 
But this can be solved by limiting the focal length to 10mm (On 1.6 crop factor, you get roughly about 16mm).
Even with a limit of 10mm in focal length, the images are impressive.
Although the lens opens up to F4.0, I must say that the image quality is awesome.


Lots of work to do.. 
Ahhhhh.. I am now motivated to go around and shoot some landscape shots.
Need to find out more about gel filters, especially neutral density filters for the fisheye lens.

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