Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wenger Ranger S55 Official World Scout Knife

A decent find..
Last year, I made a trip to Singapore.
While combing the shelves at a popular shopping mall in Orchard Road, I came across a Wenger S18 Official World Scout knife.
Its also one of the latest design by Wenger, the other official contractor for the Swiss Army, featuring an evo-grip design.
Unlike its predecessors, which are mainly plain looking, the World Scout knife is very appealing.
What made it even more endearing, was a gift box that comes with the knife.
And with a little discount thrown-in, I paid about $45 Singapore Dollars for the find.
Ironically, there is a smaller version which was more expensive.
I've been keeping the S18 ever since..

Little boy and big guy: The Ranger 55 and S18
Some recent development..
I found out that there is a dealer selling Wengers in Kuala Lumpur.
Its been a while since these knives are actually seen on the shelves.
To add to my collection, I was searching for the Ranger S55, a larger version of the official World Scout Knife which is also offered on the World Scout Movement's on-line store.
This knife retails for USD67 from a retailer on Ebay. Shipping it to Malaysia, is a different story...
So, after doing some homework, I traced the distributor of Wenger Swiss Army Knives to a phone number somewhere in the city centre.
I managed to get hold of the guy who is responsible for bringing in the knife and was told that the S55 was available..

The waiting game.. 
So, I told the guy, who is a very nice person and also passionate about his product, about the official World Scout Knife.
"I have it somewhere.."
His assurance was its availability and a decent price. 
I waited and finally, an email came.
Its ready for pick-up and we set a place to meet for the deal.
After inspecting the Ranger S55, which is in pristine condition, I cut the deal with the seller. 
And my collection is complete!


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