Monday, February 6, 2012

Sayonara G-12...

Good to the last pixel.. 
I have had no regrets getting the Powershot G12. 
It was a replacement for my ageing G10 'enthusiast' camera and had proven to be a reliable asset. 
As far as Ringgit and Sen is concerned, the G12 was worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears I've put in.
It was my primary camera used for work as well as leisure.

Of late, I noticed that all the function buttons on its back panel could not be activated.
Even the zoom feature was disabled.
I sent this to the Canon service centre and received an SMS from them the very day it was sent in for service.
Relieved and elated, I was hoping to use this camera for at least another six months before retiring it.
But to my utter disappointment, the problems were still apparent even though the technicians at Canon had cleaned up the camera.
A watermark on the panel had indicated that moisture had seeped-in.
This is true as sweat from my body had trickled down into the camera each time I bring the G12 out for my ride.

To prove his point, the technician even showed me the rusted panel which can be seen only when the camera is disassembled. 

Well-used, the G12
Right now, I am seriously looking at the Powershot G1X.
This is not scheduled to be released here in Malaysia until late March or early April.
It has an estimated pricetag of RM2.4K (from USD$799 on most on-line retail outlets) and I am sure that it will serve very well as the G12's replacement..
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