Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making friends through cycling

Ageing and the shrinking social circle...
Some guys can cope with middle-age while others look for ways to stay young.
The vain ones are still hanging out in clubs, hoping to score a one-night stand while living in denial.
Reality creeps in pretty fast.
At 40+, all the issues that shorten your life expectancy seeps in.
Heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and the list keeps piling up.
One of the things that I really appreciate is that I keep making friends. 
Some are good, others are just there for you, a handful, well, they put you in place and remind you that the world isn't exactly what you see.

Cycling and meeting people
Michelle and I started to join peer groups. 
We needed to gain experience and as one of the gurus had stated it: "When its time to go, its time to go.."
We've met some really wonderful people and some really nasty ones too!
Nowadays, with work commitment piling up to my chin, joining social rides would be a real challenge. 
I've been put to work on days where such an event is held.
Being a leisure cyclist on a folding bike, I don't see myself on the starting line, so, competitive events are considered a no-no

New found friends: At Putrajaya with Mr KW Mui and son Samuel
The good, bad and ugly
I must say that 70% of the people I met are good, while 20% were ugly and the rest are just plain simple bad.
With folding bikes gaining popularity, the pioneer batch of cyclists whom I met a couple of years ago had moved one. Some had dropped out of the scene.
There are more new cyclists nowadays and I can see them popping up at events.
Most were too new to explore the great outdoors on their own.
Nowadays, I rather keep things simple and do my own trips with Michelle.
We agreed that there are people out there who are shameless enough to take advantage of the more experienced cyclists by making them do everything from planning trips, changing their inner tubes and even paying for their meals. 
Sad, but true...

Light at the end of the tunnel...
Well, I got to say that not all is lost.
Some folks are still sincere and the reason why they take up cycling is to have fun.
Gone on my list, are the ambitious ones who take credit for things they didn't do, people who take full advantage of cyclists to promote their goods and idiots who endanger the lives of cyclists who ride with them..
I've met some people who are stand-up guys. They do things without putting themselves in the limelight and never let ego get in the way. I wish there are more of them, but these guys are there to pull things together, which is a blessing! You can never ask for more...

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