Thursday, July 5, 2012

Durian Runtuh Ride

Getting back to the fold..
Michelle and I don't really join in any group rides.
We are doing pretty well on our own and are really enjoying the short, middle and long-distance rides.
Of late, more and more groups are coming up in social media domains like Facebook.
I can see that weekly rides are organized to some really cool places.
Two months ago, I met Andrew Ng, a fellow cyclist who lives in USJ8, Subang Jaya.
Ng and his wife Hui Min is a husband and wife time who had organised some rides for beginners and novice folding bike cyclists.

An opportunity
As a follow-up to their ride to Broga, Lenggeng and Mantin, Ng organised another event called "Durian Runtuh Ride". 
It covers the same route and distance and received a good response. Most of the cyclists were newcomers. Some, I came to know through Facebook, a few of them, I had led in a ride to Sungai Sendat, Selangor. 
As a participant, I don't have to worry much, but to join in the ride.
So, for this task, I rode my Dahon Speed P8.

The group
 The route was pretty interesting.
I get to see parts of the Selangor - Negeri Sembilan border villages that I never knew existed.
For me, the most interesting part was Lenggeng and Mantin in Negeri Sembilan.
The terrain is manageable as there was a short climb towards the Mantin junction.
As for Durians, the guys found a stall in Lenggeng that sells them.
I refrained from eating as the day grew hotter.

Mr Sin and the King of Fruit

At the Mantin junction
 We completed the ride under five hours and went to the Beer Garden in Hulu Langat for lunch.
I had the chance to catch up with the riders and have some beers before heading back.
To sum up it, Ng had done a good job in organizing the ride. I hope to join more of his rides in the future..

The beers!

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