Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hulu Langat Series 13

Getting back in shape
Michelle and I had decided that its best to get our muscles conditioned for the CFAL4 ride in Penang which is going to happen in two month's time.
Our choice training ground is Hulu Langat's Pekan Bt 18 where we ride a course of 10km along a stretch of undulating terrain right up to the Kuala Kelawang and Semenyih junction.

The Dahon Jetstream P8 is ready for action
We began the ride with our friend Mohd Radzi who was a first-timer in this course. The task was to ride up the junction at km10 and decide if we want to climb the Genting Perez.
When we parked, there was a group of 10 people from another folding bike group. I met a few of them two weeks earlier.
At 7:45am sharp, we set out to the first checkpoint. The ride was smooth as we all made it to the 'Dead man's climb' under 40-minutes.

"Dead man's climb"
 A decision
I told Michelle that we ride up to an Orang Asli kampung about 5km from the Kuala Kelawang - Semenyih junction.
At this point, everyone was upbeat. There were only three of us during the training ride and after a 10-minute rest, we started climbing.
And when we reached the kampung, I decided to push further towards Genting Perez.
Michelle reminded me that I had to work. But I seized the opportunity to complete the ride. Its been a while since we rode this course and its also the first time we did it on our Jetstreams.
From the junction, it was a straight climb. Half-way doing so, I nearly ran over a Scorpion.
Having seen that it was trying to cross the road, I picked it up and set it free on the foliage.
We carried on and reached the state border before heading back to Pekan Bt 18.

The dangerous critter..

At the Negeri Sembilan side of the border
 It took us more than two hours to complete the 40km ride. I felt a sense of achievement for climbing 10km without straining myself.
The workout was superb as I started my day at the office with loads of work to sort out. This weekend, we will be training again at Hulu Langat...

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