Thursday, July 5, 2012


Putrajaya revisited
We've skipped a few Putrajaya Interparks Ride and due to work commitment, the timing just wasn't right.
Well, having said that, Michelle and I had looked forward to riding at the 17th edition of the Interparks ride.

At the Floria Carnival site
  Where it all began..
The PIPR series was the first social rides we ever did.
Thanks to our friend Wey Pang who introduced us to the event, we met many friends.
And through the meet-ups, some became our regular cycling kakis.
Of course, that was a few years ago and having seen how vastly the community has grown, its no surprise to see so many new folding bike cyclists at the event.

Old and new: Friends from across the timeline

Father and son team: KK Fong and his boy

Ye olde faithful: Michelle and the Curve D3
 Riding down memory lane.. 
At the registration counter, I met a few new cycling kakis..
One of them was Mr Fong who brought along his son for the ride.
The Taman Melawati resident in Jalan Hulu Kelang was riding a red Dahon Speed P8 while his son rode a red MuP8.
There were a lot of new faces on their foldies during the ride..

Losing steam
The Interparks ride was not as lavish as before.
I guess the organizers were on a tight budget. In the past, we used to get meals and refreshment breaks. 
That said, I don't think we've missed out much. So, having seen its present state, I guess Michelle and I would not ride every month, but instead, pick a random sequence in the series.. 
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