Saturday, July 28, 2012

RAM Radio Mount for bicycles

Mission-ready mount
I was doing some research for a radio mount which could be fitted on my bike.
Everything else was a dead-end until I came across RAM equipment's mount.
These guys are well-known for making equipment mounts for vehicles and motorcycles.
My break came when a cycling kaki Mr Chew had indicated that he knew of someone who imports the gear into Malaysia. 
This saved me ample time and money on shipping.

The radio sitting snugly on the RAM mount
Its really easy to assemble the mount.
All you need to do, is to get the clamps of the correct length and bolt it down.
My first attempt was not practical as the clamps were gripping the radio's PTT button.
I made some minor adjustments and managed to get it in place.
The long clamp arms also became a suitable place to fit the speaker mike.
All there's left to do, is to get a pair of large cable ties to secure the radio mount on my bike's handlebar.

Cockpit view of the Dahon Jetstream EX with its Comm and Navigational tools
Road trial
The first time my radio mount was put to trial, it passed with flying colours.
It sat securely on my Minoura Space Bar and the Biologic Air Horn trigger became the perfect rest for the foot of the mount.
Not even the knocks and bump would dislodge the radio on its mount.
And on a ride from Kuala Selangor to Sekinchan, everything worked out as planned.
I can see the RAM mount serving me well on my trips..
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