Monday, July 16, 2012

Hulu Langat 14

Riding up the Dam
The 34km roundtrip ride from Pekan Bt18 in Hulu Langat, Selangor is designed for newcomers to get a feel what its like riding in undulating terrain.
Its a decent climb from the Semenyih/Kuala Kelawang junction and a smooth downhill roll towards the Hulu Langat Dam.
This is also one of the best and most scenic ride in the area.
Michelle and I drove off from our home in USJ26, Subang Jaya to the police station in Bt18.
We made arrangements with Johnny Ng from My Bicycle Shop to meet there and ride off to the Dam.
Prior to this, another group was also riding in the area.

The foldie gang at Pekan Bt 18
We found a group already waiting at the carpark and to my surprise, I met Fernando Gallardo, a folding bike kaki who owns a 2008 Dahon Speed P8.
There aren't many of these around here and Fernando is one of them.
We met up two years ago at the Putrajaya Night Ride.
His blog had inspired me to go bikepacking and touring. For the record, Fernando's adventures on a folding bike had opened doors to endless possibilities.
After a brief wait for the foldies to assemble, we rode off to the junction.
For the seasoned rider, a typical ride to the 11.2km mark would usually take less than 40-minutes.
For the beginners, I decided to re-group at a farm house just meters away from the infamous "Dead Man's Climb".
One-by-one, the cyclists arrived.
Fernando was with his buddy Mike Sumallo whom I've met at Andrew Ng's "Durian Runtuh" ride last month.

Pack riding: the foldies in action...
Reaching the end of the line
Foldies RULZ!!!
While waiting for the rest to re-group at the junction, I noticed that a few fellas were struggling to climb the steep slope.
Two cyclists had to get down and push their bikes. The more seasoned riders took it with their stride and did pretty well.
From the junction, we continued to the Dam.
Basically, it was a short climb and a 6km roll towards a scenic part of the Dam.
We waited for the rest and re-grouped before riding back to Pekan Bt 18.
Two years ago when I started training at Hulu Langat, I found it rather tough.
But today, its pretty okay.
The course is a good place for beginners to train their speed and cadence.
Next week, I hope to return to Genting Perez for more hill training...
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