Thursday, November 15, 2012

And when the going gets tough!

Time to let go..
Over the years, I've amassed some assets.
There are stuff in my keeps that can be sold for cash.
Now that I am down to scraping the bottom of the barrel, I have to quickly dispose of some of my stuff that are not in use anymore..

A trip to 'Cash Converters'
I rounded up a few items: DVD player, a brand-new cordless phone that came free with my high-speed broadband subscription, a used SD-card video camera, a used Sony-Ericsson cellphone, an Apple wireless keyboard and a Sony Smartwatch.

Lower your expectations..
I found out that the Cash Converters outlet is a basically a dumping ground for junk that people do not need.
There were a lot of thrash at the pick-up area.
A lady, who was waiting for her turn to get her items for sale assessed had tried to sell off a cheap GPS set.
She wanted RM600 for the unit.
A sales assistant at the outlet offered her RM30.
This process is time-consuming and when my turn is up, I had six items for sale.
I was hoping to score on the Sony Smartwatch, but it fell way too short of my expectations.

Okay, these outlets would buy your stuff at the lowest price. I mean, literally cheaper than dirt and re-sell them for at least 30 -60% higher.
What I got for my Sony Smartwatch was RM40, the DVD player, which turned out to be faulty fetched RM40, cordless phone was marked at RM10, used cellphone RM50, SD Card video camera got RM120, the Apple keyboard was given RM20.
I walked away with RM170 selling two items. The video camera and cellphone was theirs for the taking.

Its better than nothing..  
Some of my old stuff was actually worth some cash. 
I was glad to get rid of them as they are taking up space at home.

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