Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dogathon 2012

A yearly affair..
Michelle and I would never miss out on the University Putra Malaysia's annual 'Dogathon' event.
This is organised by their veterinary science faculty where participation is free for pet owners - particularly: Dog lovers.
As usual, we prepare our dogs to take a car ride from our home to the UPM fair grounds where the event is held.
Our intention was just to chill out, catch up with other pet owners.

The gurl's just happy to tag along

Manning the kids
It rained heavily the night before, and I had anticipated a really soggy fair grounds.
Well, true to my prediction, the entire place as mushy.
After a 20-minute drive, we parked our car and munched on our breakfast.
Since I had to work on the Sunday, my time was very limited.
Michelle had suggested to leave by 10am, which was fine with me.
We registered at the counter and had the dogs examined by some veterinary students.
They asked a lot of questions about our Huskies.
After they were given the green light, I had to send in the registration forms.
Michelle were waiting with the kidz and immediately, the media photographers were taking snapshots of them.

Our kids getting examined by the students
After the formalities, we went down to the usual place where we chill out with the dogs.
We had time to hydrate the dogs.
The weather was fine, so, it wasn't really hot.
As we were walking the dogs around the fair grounds, we met Sam Ng, a Siberian Husky owner.
My boy never liked his male Sibe right from the start and started barking at the dog.
Michelle started to go around collecting some goodies from the booths while I took some snapshots of the kids.

This year's theme was 'Halloween'
Later, I saw a group of Siberian Husky owners who set up a place to rest their dogs.
They've planned a get-together via Facebook and went on till the event was over.
Michelle and I went around to observe the fair and decided that it was best to move on as our time-limit had lapsed.

Queenie getting her fur sprayed with frontline tick guard

The Samopack
On the whole, the Dogathon was a well-organised event.
The students were really friendly and helpful.
Michelle had left he goodie bag a park bench where we snapped photos of our kids.
A girl who was nearby located us and handed our bag over.
What a pleasant and random act of kindness.
We left the UPM fair grounds as happy dog owners and I hope that the University will continue to keep up their good tradition of organising such an interesting event..
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