Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kayuhan Raub 2012 - part 1

The last long-distance cycling event of the year..
Well, for us that is.
I've booked two places for the Kayuhan Raub 2012 that took place at the Raub district in Pahang.
We had a great time last year and made it a point to go back for another round.
Michelle did not complete the ride and actually returned with a vengeance.
Like usual, we fed the dogs before leaving our home for Bentong where we had an early lunch.
The plan was to take the scenic route via Kampung Sang Lee and Tras.

Our boy, looking pensive
Bentong's wantan mee
A decent lunch break
We pulled over in Bentong town after an hour's drive from Subang Jaya.
At the small trader's association, there is a coffee shop that sells wantan mee.
I can also see a banner promoting the Fabulous Food 1 Malaysia campaign where the district's MP will launch it on December 15.
Right in front of the shop, there is a family selling wantan mee.
I ordered two plates plus some extra wantans and the bill came to RM10.40.
The noodles were excellent, but the char siew could be better.
After a good fill, we proceeded towards the Fraser's hill junction and towards Sang Lee village.

Kg Sang Lee's mascot: the Landrover

King of fruits: the Durian
 Michelle and I made a stopover at Kg Sang Lee to snap a couple of photographs.
There was a on old Landrover and a large concrete Durian which was displayed side-by-side. 
We couldn't resist posing next to it and would accept being labelled as 'bogus' by some master guru cyclists for not using our bikes to get there.. Hahahah!
From Sang Lee, we moved to Kg Tras, a small village that has some really colourful buildings.

A scene in Kg Tras
After the detours, we arrived in Raub at 3pm and met up with Mohd Radzi, one of our regular cycling kakis.
Later, we drove to Taman Tasik Raub to collect our goodie bags..
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