Monday, November 5, 2012

Manfrotto 709B

Real steel...
Mini-tripods are great stuff to pack along if you plan to take self-portrait shots with your pocket camera.
These have to be small and portable so that you can lug it in your hip pack or backpack.
My preferred camera support gadget: is the Manfrotto 'pocket Modo' foldable tripod.
But, it has its limitations.

The pocket Modo camera support
 While the pocket Modo is capable of landing some shots on a table top, once you set it on the ground, its gives you a low-angle shot.
Anything more, like eye-level shots, you would need a proper tripod.

Enter the 709B.. 
Manfrotto has a mini-tripod which is actually meant for table-top.
Its the model 709B which you can use to set up a high-end compact camera or an entry-level D-SLR.
The support is very basic.
It has a base place which you can mount the camera and a set of foldable legs which sits pretty nicely, giving it a stable support on flat surfaces.

The 709B
 Just add a ball-head..
The 709B comes with a removable base-plate.
If you want more for this little bugger, just add a Manfrotto 492 ball-head.
This gives you added versatility and the only thing you can't add: is the extension arm to jack up the height of the tripod.

The 492 ball-head
By jamming-in the ball-head, you will automatically increase its price by double.
Again, its an option.
At least its cheaper than the Manfrotto table-top tripod set that comes with a nylon case at RM380.

Italian pride: the tripod leg

Sturdy support: the baseplate on the pocket modo folding support
The Manfrotto 709B is a one solid piece of work.
Its also pretty compact and would be a great asset if you need a steady support for snapping night shots as well as setting up for a self-portrait.
Price-wise, its pretty decent and best of all, its made in Italy!
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