Friday, July 31, 2009

Bye-bye July..

Wow! There goes July.
Another month went past so quickly and its just a matter of weeks before Michelle
and I are taking our long deserved break.
Our trip to the US will go into full swing as preparations are being made for theVegas show as well as sight-seeing plans at the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.And speaking of expenses, this is going to burn a big hole in our wallets.
I've been laying low and would be expected to part with some of my assets to chalk up some pocket money.
So, as far as August is concerned, it will be a slow month -- mostly spent on laying
low and keeping off the grid...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Going to America..

I picked up my new US Visa from the VFS centre on Monday.After years of putting back my plans to visit the United States, I'd finally dragged my ass to the US Embassy for
an interview last Friday.It was an interesting experience because this time round, the procedures to obtain a tourist visa is entirely
different. Well, so is the cost. I paid RM550 for the travel document and booked the interview date some two weeks in
advance.When I arrived at the US Embassy, I was rather nervous. Firstly, my previous US visa was stolen along with
some of my belongings.It was a type 'I' visa for journalists. This sparked my fear getting rejected with the new application. Seeing that I have an obligation to turn up in Las Vegas in September, I decided to push ahead. First, I made a
police report as an official document about the stolen passport which was replaced with a new one.In the report, I stated that the original police statement was lost when I moved from Setapak to Subang Jaya.The truth is: my aunt threw it away.As I waited for my turn for the interview, I saw at least two guys that was turned away because they could not
produce enough proof of their short visit to the US.My turn was up after the consular officer rejected an applicant.He asked me some simple questions and demanded some credentials. After doing so, my application was approved. Simple as that.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our new ride

Me on my new Dahon Speed P8

Michelle's Curve D3 and my Speed P8

The week is over! I am glad to have spent some quality riding time with my wife on our new folding bikes.Bought a Dahon Speed P8 bicycle and a Curve D3 for Michelle.It was a deal which didn't break the bank and since my health was not really up to the mark, a low-impact
exercise seems to be the solution.Took the P8 for a ride the night I picked it up and it handles like a dream. Whizzing around like a larger bike, the
Speed P8 boasts of some premium components and the large Schwable apple tires gave it good roadholding.I can't complain about the built, fit and finish of the Dahon bike. After seeing a large variety of this bike while on
holiday in Melbourne, Australia some three years back, I kinda set my target on owning one.The nearest store is in Singapore and with a 2.4x exchange factor, the deal was off.Well, the moment I saw this bike being offered, I grabbed the chance to own the Speed P8. That said, there'll be plenty of cycling adventures with my wife!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Squid season ends..

Me and Rizal

Ryota-san and his catch

Our meager haul

I can't believe that squid season is over!For me that is. Right now, the focus will be on getting my US visa and saving up every Ringgit and Sen for my trip
to Vegas with Michelle.While we were out at sea, we got hit by strong winds and the wave. Which gave me some time to reflect. Life is
short and sweetness is enjoying all the little joys in life.Out there, in the South China Sea, our life hung on the balance. We were on a small boat hanging on to our dear
lives after being lashed by the Easterly winds.But as fate has it, the squid season ends with a meager catch. I for one, am glad to have fulfilled my obligations
for three months.At least my squid buddies were sporting enough to call it a day after enduring the rough seas and strong wind. Next year, I plan to start a month earlier and check out other fishing holes in Terengganu and Johor.