Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our kidz and their hiking trip

One thing I love about feature stories is that they are timeless.
We went for a hike at Broga some months back and the first thing I did was write a piece on the experience.
It was supposed to be published for a travel column, but it didn't took off due to lack of enthusiasm and response.
So, after some deliberation, I decided to get it published once and for all.
I don't know if its out in today's Central edition of the Starmetro, because I couldn't locate the story on-line.
Maybe its because of the fasting month that the on-line folks would not want to use a story about hiking dogs.
Nevertheless, I've got this one out of my chest.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A case of dyslexia...

Sometimes, even the most experienced set of eyes can actually miss out on an optical trick.
Just switch two alphabets together and a word takes an entirely different meaning.
Well, I guess I am to be blamed for carelessness.
I wrote a piece on farmer Wong and his achievement which was published a coupla days ago.
The story was fine, but there were some blaring mistakes.
The abbreviation given for Good Agricultural Practise was GAP.
But I maintained it as GPA throughout the whole passage.
Only the last mention was correct.
I may have typed GPA but the mind registered it as 'GAP'.
Shit happens. And this time, its right on my face...
Moral of the story: check, double check and check again before sending in the story..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

oh! oh!

KUALA LUMPUR: Newspaper vendors here lodged a police report against an English language tabloid for naming several MIC figures as “low caste” Indians in an article.
Several MIC Youth members have also lodged reports against the newspaper while an MIC Youth delegation submitted a memorandum of protest to the newspaper yesterday.
Selangor and Federal Territories News Vendors Association president Datuk N. Muneandy, accompanied by vendors, lodged a report at the Brickfields police station yesterday.
The association demanded an apology from the newsaper and pressed for the writer to be sacked. He said the report had hurt the integrity of the Malaysian Tamil community and tarnished the individuals’ pride.
“The word is very insulting and is taboo among Indians. The writer clearly does not know anything about being Tamil. It is unnecessary (to state the candidates’ castes). Here, we are talking about 1Malaysia. We don’t encourage and practise the caste system here,” he said.
“Calling someone ‘pariah’ is too much. In India, you would be jailed for 10 years for using that term on someone,” he said.
The association stopped distributing the newspaper from yesterday and will continue to do so until an apology is made, Muneandy said.
In the article headlined ‘MIC battles caste politics’, the newspaper wrote about caste issues in the coming MIC election and revealed the castes that several leaders belonged to, with their names and pictures published.
It mentioned the Devar, Mudaliar, Kongu Gounder, Chettiar and Pariah castes. Muneandy denied that he had any political agenda, adding that the association viewed the naming of individuals as “pariahs” as a form of personal attack.
MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, in a statement, said the party was investigating certain party leaders following the article. He said the party was also probing their involvement with “outside forces” namely some businessmen who had harboured ill-intentions against it.
He added that the MIC wanted the Home Ministry to take action against the paper for publishing the caste issue.

One thing I learned from journalism is responsible reporting.If you incite hatred through your writing, you are to blame for the reprecussions.The race card has long been used as a yardstick in bad reporting and a recent
article from the country's oldest tabloid was no exception.How did the Editor allow the usage of the word "pariah" without questioning its
implications? Similarly, some years back, a writer from the oldest newspaper in the country
quoted a Portuguese decendant in Malacca as saying: "We were the bastards
they left behind.."This prompted the people of the Portuguese settlement in Ujong Pasir to throw a fit
and blurted out some really unpleasant words.Damage control had to be done and two Editors were rushed down to Malacca on
New Year's eve to resolve the issue.Apologies accepted, but the damage has been done.You cannot retract what you have printed out beause it goes down in history.The said writer is still going about her business and her Editor has since been
promoted to do bigger things in the corporation.What is questionable here -- is the integrity of the writer.Way I see it, if you put someone without any journalistic experience to the fore,
these are the lashbacks that you will have to face.In the case of the tabliod writer who is now facing the fire, even the most
experience person can make mistakes.But labelling a bunch of people from a political party as "pariah" is something that
is beyond redemption.The guy who wrote it may have taken a swipe at the party, but it backfired. In the days to come, its a matter of who's head is going to roll.Having read the situation, I think the writer would have to go. For good.

The floor plan...

With six days left to the USN Gathering, I am really looking forward to my second
knifeshow in the US.I first attended one of such event at the New York Custom Knife show in NYC
some nine years ago.It was an eye-opening experience and now that I've come to appreciate knives
even more, the USN Gathering would be a real treat.Larry Brahms who had done an excellent job of putting up the show and the floor
plan has been laid.I think I am going to spend a great deal of time in Planet Hollywood checking out
exhibitors like Ernest Emerson of Emerson knives, the TADgear booth and the
Striderguys who are participating there.Back at the NYCKS, I met Emerson in person and purchased a knife from him. He
is one of the nicest knifemaker I've met.As for the Striderguys, I first saw their knives at NYC during the same show. At
that time, I wasn't impressed at what they had to offer.Most of their blades are meant for military use and what got me hooked, was their
assurance to quality.The knives are waranteed unconditionally. At the Strider booth, there is one folding knife that I am eagerly anticipating. Its the
Framelock AR which is said to be a talk of the show.Apart from knives, there are also gear people who are going to showcase their
goods in Vegas.Some of the guys that I am rather excited to meet at the TADguys.I've been using some of their goods for a while and since the whole jimbang is at
the Gathering..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Gathering

One more week to go.

That's how fast time flies as we prepare ourselves for the extra long haul to Los
Angeles where we will transit to Las Vegas.Michelle had booked our stay in LA as the last leg of the US tour.

And on the USN Gathering which we are attending for the first time, organiser Eric
Blair said all 450 rooms that were part of the contractual obligation for the event
was fully booked.

I am pretty excited and am looking forward to meet some old acquaintances and
friends such as knife designer Liong Mah from NYC whom I last saw some nine
years ago in New York.

Also on the list, is Dave Abrams @ Lifter, the Mayor of the USN, the Blairs, Tom
Krein, Tom Mayo and a long list of Suspects who helped out in co-sponsoring my
trip and members of the USN nation.

The Gathering

One more week to go.

That's how fast time flies as we prepare ourselves for the extra long haul to Los
Angeles where we will transit to Las Vegas.Michelle had booked our stay in LA as the last leg of the US tour.

And on the USN Gathering which we are attending for the first time, organiser Eric
Blair said all 450 rooms that were part of the contractual obligation for the event
was fully booked.

I am pretty excited and am looking forward to meet some old acquaintances and
friends such as knife designer Liong Mah from NYC whom I last saw some nine
years ago in New York.

Also on the list, is Dave Abrams @ Lifter, the Mayor of the USN, the Blairs, Tom
Krein, Tom Mayo and a long list of Suspects who helped out in co-sponsoring my
trip and members of the USN nation.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Canon Powershot G11

The swivelling screen is a winner!

Canon keeps it coming with some big surprises.
Recently, they've announced the introduction of their flagship compact digital camera the G11.
This will succeed Canon's award-winning powershot G10 and boasts of a host of features found only in high-end compact cameras.One of it is a rotating LCD screen which was a standard feature in the powershot G1.
From the G6 models onwards, the screen was fixed.So, I guess there has been a lot of pressure on the company's design team to further improve the G10 platform.
I have been using their present model for three months and found its power management system a winner.Its much better than previous models and plenty more is expected out of the G11.
Well, hopefully, by next year, I would be able to fiddle around with the new powershot!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Number 3

I was about to take out the laundry to dry and heard a commotion at the backyard.
Mrs Samo wanted to get some Pandan leaves and as the door opened, our kidz started to lunge at the plant.
My boy caught hold of a stray cat by its ass and the girl finished it off.
They took turn to brutalise the cat and all my wife could do - was watch.
After five minutes, I picked up the lifeless carcass of the stray cat and disposed it.
It was the third casualty this year.
The girl did most of the work, stalking and hunting and ultimately, killing her prey with clockwork precision.
Today, it was the boy's first kill.
Our neighbour saw everything and as for stray cats, I don't think its a wise idea to sleep, eat and poop in the yard cos the Huskies aren't gonna be pleased..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The scent of death..

Sunday was a fine day for us.
But not to some friends who lost their dogs.
Two Huskies were stolen and one died of overheating.
I don't have the full details but having studied the situation, the death could have been prevented.
Dogs with double coat are vulnerable to the heat and it is a known fact that prolonged exposure to the sun and mid-day heat could complicate things.
And at the first place, is the pooch fit enough to go through such an extreme condition?
The circumstance that surrounds its deteriorated condition and untimely death could be related to acclimatisation and negligence.
When we take our pooches out, we carry plenty of water and place them in shaded areas under the hot sun.
This helps to cool them off and prevent overheating.
They are also never overexerted in the hot sun.
As for timing, I never let my pooches stay too long in the heat. When its time to go, its time to go.
What also puzzled me was how the owners reacted under stress.
The fair ground where the Dogathon was held was a veterinary school. Why didn't they seek help from the vets on the scene?
Its strange because that would be the first response.
Right now, I can only speculate. Much of the truth is yet to be heard..

This year, so far..

Four more months to go and the year is over.
Right now, in the third quarter, things are really heating up.
I just got word from my co-workers that the food company that took up a logo buy in my column may just pull the plug.
There are many issues that adds up and one of them was commitment.
As far as work is concerned, I have delivered my end of the bargain by fulfilling my obligations on the editorial part.
And to take it a step forward, I have also crossed the line by offering my services to the sponsor as a coordinator for the promotion.
For the last five months, I have been arranging for the winners to receive their prizes and have their photo taken.
Just this once, I requested my colleagues in another department to help out and the sponsor had shown his ugly side.
Personal feelings aside, I knew that there was more to just lending editorial support to the food company.
They wanted more but I told them off.
What made matters worse, is that the task to hand out gift vouchers and products was handled by only one person - the company's product manager.
I told him that for this month, the prize presentation had to take place without my presence.
I made that very clear due to my work commitment and hectic schedule. And that for one occassion, I cannot make it.
But the company's representative decided not to go ahead and insisted that I be there for the function.
This led to a showdown with another colleague of mine from the ad department. We laid the cards on the table and its obvious that the ball is on the sponsor's court.
So, to diffuse the situation, I had to make an appearance on Friday to seal the deal.
A decision may be reached on whether to pull the plug or go ahead.
I have taken this so far and have nothing to lose because I had done my part flawlessly.
So, its a matter of who bugs out first.
As far as the Food Trail column is concerned, it can go without the hassle of having a demanding sponsor.
Commercialism, as I see it, has plenty of flaws. You can please everybody all the time..

The dark truth about salesmen

Good salesmanship is a dying trait.Which is why on-line trade has thrived over the years and its popularity is growing
globally.A recent visit to an electrical shop in Petaling Jaya's SS2 supported my claim.I was there to buy a piece of battery for my SDHC video camera. The brand that
the shop supports, is Panasonic.In Malaysia, this is multi-million Ringgit industry that is dictated by trend.My in-laws seems to have plenty of confidence at the shop's main outlet called
'Tong Kong' in SS3, Petaling Jaya.The place I visited was merely a branch managed by a guy who goes by the name
of 'David Tan'.I guess this was the same dude with the balding head who manned the counter
with an attitude.When I got there, I headed straight to a salesgirl and asked her about the
Panasonic SW-21 camcorder. Her reaction was a blank face and when I asked if
they have batteries sold as seperate accessories, and to get a clearer picture,
she referred to her boss. I can see his disgusted face from a distance, perhaps a no-sale issue is lingering
in the air.The owner told me that the store offers no discounts and that everything was sold
at a fixed price.What puzzled me was the discounts they gave and this particular store has the
reputation of charging fair prices.Not when I was there. He told me that batteries need to be ordered and it takes
about three days for the stock arrive.In my opinion, maybe walk-in customers who are not dressed to kill should not be
entertained.Salesmen it seems, has the knack to have double-standards.With an attitude like that, I won't be surprised to see the shop wind up.David Tan could as well be a statistic in failed businesses. So fuck him!After the episode with Tong Kong, I went across the street to ESH, another
electrical store.I asked about the same thing and what I got, was the runaround. This goes to say that the sales and service qualities in outlets as such has gone to the dogs.Way I see it, if they blame other factors for non-performance and poor sales, it all
points back to them for their own misgivings.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Celcom SUCKS!

I think I need to change my cellphone service provider.Seems that Celcom is no longer accepted for payment through my bank's on-line
service and it really sucks to get the prepaid service topped up at kiosks and at
the convenience store.Not only that, I've checked the on-line payment site from other banks as well and
none of them are carrying Celcom's prepaid payment feature.I believe that other telcos are providing their customers with a better rate and right
now, DiGi would be a better choice.And since I can retain my cellphone number, their services is something that is
worth my consideration..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The week that was..

There goes the weekend.We didn't do much on Saturday as time was spent at a funeral.Michelle's uncle died after a bout with AH1N1 on Friday and we were at the wake
througout Saturday and the later part of Sunday.The man was 65-years-old and left behind a wife and two kids.On Sunday morning, we chilled out at the Universiti Putra Malaysia fair grounds at
Dogathon 2009.It was great to have the kids out after a long absense.We checked out the place and had a good time socialising with other dog owners.After that, we went back to the funeral where the last rites were administered by
Thai Buddhist monks.The remains of man was cremated at the MBPJ crematorium.As for the rest of the evening, I struggled with preparing dinner and crashed rather
early cos I was dead tired..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dollars and cents

With two and a-half weeks away before our US trip, I am feeling the pinch on my
wallet.From September onwards, everything will work out and cost three and a-half times
as much.The strong US Dollar didn't help and with nearly half a month away, the strain is on
our travel budget.Michelle is instrumental in getting the job done by planning an excellent logistic
schedule for the entire stay and journey while we are in Nevada, Arizona and
California.Having said that, going on a tight budget means a slowdown in our expenses. I've
already converted my money to the US currency and its not a lot.We have to watch every step we make so that it won't cost us too much money
while we are in the States..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

International driver's permit

Wow! What a rush! I spent the entire morning yesterday in Petaling Jaya.First, was a trip to the Road Transport Department. I had to apply for a
international driver's permit for the road trip in the US.It costs about RM150 for the document and took about an hour to get it issued.I pre-empted the beauracracy by filling up the forms in advance and providing the
necessary documents to support my application.Now, the funky thing was this: I have been driving around with an expired driver's
lisence and had it renewed only on Monday.With that taken care of at an expense of RM90 for three more years, I went ahead
to print a set of passport photographs. This will set me off at RM12 a pop if I do it a photo studio.By the time I got to the Road Transportation office, the place was packed with
folks and I was about 20 customers behind on the waiting list.But lucky for me, service was prompt. My number was up and all there's left to do,
was to wait.When I received my ID and driver's license with the permit, I checked it and found
out that it belonged to someone else.There was a mix-up and I had no idea who the rightful owner of the permit was.Then, I made a bee line back to the counter and told the clerk that there was a
boo-boo.She was in a state of panic and told me to come back in a few days.To me, this is a no-no. I was there to do it once and for all.Lucky for me, the despatch dude who was there to apply for the permit was about
to leave the carpark. I managed to get him on time and swap the documents... *phew!* Now that I have obtained the international driver's permit, I can rest at ease with
the driving in Nevada and Arizona during our excursion in September.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A place to bunk at the Grand Canyon..

We have 13 days to spend in the US and the last leg would be a tour of the Grand
Canyon. This proved to be a pain because many of the accommodation facilities have been
fully booked.Apart from that, they also cost a bomb. Wether its on the Northern or Southern
Rim of the US national park, we are screwed.Michelle gave me the good news this morning because she found a hotel about
five miles from the Park's entrance.This means, we have a place to crash and plenty of time to stage our visits to
various sections of the Grand Canyon including some light trekking excursions.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The luggage dilemma..

Samsonite's freeminder

Semi-retired: the Osprey Crescent 75

Three more weeks to go before we hit the road and there's a slight problem with
my luggage.I found out that my trusty old Osprey Crescent 75 backpack has fallen apart. Humidity and fungus had taken over nearly the entire pack and the bad news is --
the pack's support frame for the waistbelt had also disentigrated.The waterproofing membrane on the pack's removable quiver pocket had also
broken down.In short, this pack is now 65% serviceable. So, there is a 35% risk that it will
completely break down on the trail.Now that most of the places that we are going in the US are urban areas, the only
logical thing to do, is to get a roll-on luggage.There are few choices on hand and one of the brands that I have been closely
watching is Samsonite.Some years ago, I bought a set for my wife and it served her well.The funny thing is this; there are a few outlets and the ones that gave the best
discount are the agent's showroom.Dealers cut about 15% and the Malaysian agent can go as low as 50% off their
retail prices.That said, very few models in Samsonite's range met my criteria.I need something lightweight, durable and rugged. The only choices are from the 'Outlab' series, but they looked like shit.So, after spending some time researching the bags, I finally narrowed it down to
Samsonite's 'Freeminder' series.These bags are built solid and commands a retail price of RM1k per piece.And since the showroom is throwing 50% + 10% discount for credit card holder, I
found something I like and decided to procure it for my Vegas trip.I find that there's enough space in this luggage to pack in 14 days worth of clothing
and personal essentials.The rest will be hand-carried with my Kifaru E&E or Scout.

The war on ticks

We've stepped up the war against ticks and mites.Now, the kidz are wearing flea collars that can last up to five months.They are silicone bands impregnated with chemicals which claims to kill fleas, ticks and mites.So, having seen the sales pitch, I purchased two collars -- one in toxic green and translucent colour for the Boy and the Coonster.It doesn't take much effort to put on the new pest control collars on the dogs. As a matter of fact, a small length from the device had to be cut off.My only fear is that the Girl would chew it up and swallow the entire collar. When I checked this morning, it was still intact. The kids are already smelling like the collar and the moment of truth can only come after a week of wearing the collars. So, fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Framelock Strider AR

My next folding knife would be a Strider Framelock AR.What's the big deal?
Well, the AR was my first folding knife from Strider Knives which I procured five years ago from a dealer in Virginia, US.
It served me well as a general-purpose knife, sharp as hell and took some harsh punishment while I used it in the field.
A few years later, I scored a deal from a friend in Texas. He sold me a hollow-ground AR which is also numbered.
These were hand-ground, assembled and tuned by the maker Mick Strider himself.
And I also scored a 15th Annivesary AR from my dealer friend in Virginia last year.
This makes a wholesome threesome and the family is going to get bigger with the framelock AR.Hopefully, I would be able to see it up close at the USN Gathering in Vegas next month.

Wardrobe malfunction..

While getting prepped up for work this morning, I realised that my pants was missing one button.
And when I looked at all the possible replacements on this pair, there were none.
I am so fat these days, even the pants are bursting on its seams.
That said, its time to revamp the wardrobe.
The slacking part is to shop for clothing because I can never get the correct size and fitting.
I love my garbs plain and simple and sadly for big guys here in Malaysia, sizing is a perennial issue.
Mail order is a solution, but if you factor in the cost of freight and foreign currency exchange, some of these clothings can be very expensive.
And to make matters worse, imported garments are also taxable.
I guess that a trip to the nearest Dockers outlet would provide some solution to the wardrobe crisis that I am currently facing..

Tiru macam saya.. (Imitate me..)

Originality defines a person.
What more I can say about the '33 Food Hotspots in KL' guide.
I was going throught the archives and found a covershot of the Star's Perak Good Food guide and man, the cover layout of both guidebooks looked similar.
The only exception is the number of picture used. And both books had an orange outline as well.
This goes to say that whoever came up with the concept of the hotspot guide should do some market research and check on what others had done.
Some contacts of mine agreed that the new book had played up a lot of lousy food outlets and were mostly reviewed by their authors in the past.
So, speaking of re-hashing stories and recycling old stuff, I guess this guidebook is not as 'hot' as expected.
To sum it up -- if you have RM60, spend wisely!

Better safe than sorry..

The Garmin Oregon 300 will see some action in the US next month..

I spent half the day at Setia Alam near Klang.
My mission was to get the GPS units - both in-vehicle and handheld ready for our US trip in three week's time.
And while I was at it, my nose was leaking like hell.
Later, I learned that one of the family member in my wife's clan had the swine flu.
How interesting can this get?
First on the list, was getting the Garmin NUVI 600 and Oregon 300 updated and loaded with the latest Malaysia maps.
Next, a US map with the city navigator was in hand.
Lucky for me, the map charges didn't cost me my left kidney.
Everything checked out allright and I have Edward of ECMS to thank for the updates and new United States map.
We plan to hit the road right after the USN Gathering in Vegas.
First on sight, is the Hoover Dam. Michelle and I are thinking of a daytrip excursion.
Perhaps driving would be more fun. So, the next order is an international driving permit. This can be obtained from the Road Transport Department.
The other preparation was my luggage. If I am to haul, it would be my Osprey Crescent 75 backpack.
Last time this baby saw action was in 2002 when I toured the Czech Republic, Engladn and Portugal.
Now, its in shambles as humidity had worn out the pack's fabric.
Was thinking of getting a Samsonite soft luggage, but the prices are totally rediculous.
Seems that the agent's showrooms are having a sale, but most of the good stuff had been snagged off, leaving scraps for thoughts.
August, as it seems, will really shoot past quickly as the first week of this month ends this weekend.
That leaves me three weeks to get a few things sorted out like the logistics to the Grand Canyon.
I need to check out the point of interest, lodging and logistics. This task was handed out to me by my wife.
Apart from that, I also need to stock up on my Food Trail articles and this would have contingency plans right up to the middle of September...

Monday, August 3, 2009

A day at the farm..

Farmer Wong and his produce
Checking the crops
Explaining the GAP certification process to a guest

Its been a long day.
I started off early today by taking the highway to the East Coast Expressway, which is about 45 minutes drive from Subang Jaya.
Took me about an hour and 20 minutes to reach Farmer Wong's place and when I got there, my buddy Ah Pan was preparing lunch.
On the dining table, we had wild boar fried with ginger and braised soft-shelled turtle -- my all time favourite.
Farmer Wong really knew how to entertain his guests.
My mission for the day, was to photograph his farm's activities. An easy job and we started by a walkabout around the yard to determine the composition and photographic angles.
My pledge to farmer Wong is to help him out in promoting his farm and Good Agricultural Practices trademark obtained through the Malaysian Department of Agriculture.
Seems that my farmer friend had been true to his calling of using only biological pest control and organic fertilizers for his produce.
That's why he is one of only two farmers in the country who complied with the high standards.
He told me that a visit to Farmer Lee (a mutual friend of ours) in Cameron Highlands had inspired him to take the GAP challenge.
For farmer Wong, his hardwork had paid off. And of all the friends that I've made over the past few years, this is one man that is sincere.
Which why I gave without question. My contribution is small and is folks like that whose friendship I truly treasure..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lending a helping hand..

Farmer Wong and I became friends after a brief introduction by Ah Pan, a mutual buddy of ours.
Today, he stands proud for being one of two farmers in the country to be awarded the Good Agricultural Practices.
Now, I don't know if the paperwork came from the USDA or FDA, because a lot is left to be desired.
Anyways, I am happy for farmer Wong and with his achievement, he will be able to market his produce to a wider audience.
Rich folks, especially, are afraid of bad health and death.
So, needless to say, they are the primary market.
I will help my friend to record his hard earned reward by capturing the GAP process at his farm.
This, of course, is a return to many favours he had done in the past.
Unlike those who wanted to take advantage of him, I sincerely want to help and hope that someday, his work will be internationally recognised.

How low can you go?

I was at my in-law's home this morning and was handed a book.
"Eh, what you think ah?" asked KY Lau, my father in-law.
My immediate reaction was disgust.
The book was called '33 Food Hotspots of Kuala Lumpur' which was given free to some property buyers.
My brother in-law was one of the few 'lucky' ones who got it free rather than paying RM60. But where is the logic? Pay half a million ringgit and get a RM60 book on food?
When I screened the credit roll, I immediately recognised two names. Both were formerly employed at my old workplace.
One is a 58-year-old has-been food Queen who tried very hard to make a comeback and the other, well, I would consider her a bogus right from the begining.
Sad thing is this - having known and worked with them, I'd say they've demanded plenty of kickbacks from the outlets they've reviewed which made their food reviews one-sided.
Now, to rub salt into the wound, nearly one-third of the places mentioned in this definitive guide to food was published in my weekly column.
With the claim that it IS the ULTIMATE food guide for Kuala Lumpur -- the entire book was in my opinion - a rush job.
Its also a lazy person's way to do things. To kick down a man whose already sprawled on the ground, they've added GPS coordinates which the publisher too had claimed that they were the first ones to do so.
How original can that be?
There is a saying that goes like: "Imitation is a form of flattery.." which in this case - was a blatant rip-off.
I had freely given out information for nearly two years and had developed a new style and approach in food journalism.
To have two food critics ripping off some of the hardwork published is something else.
I would never lay claim that I was the first, or the pioneer in publishing street food with a first-person approach, with GPS coordinates thrown-in -- which I think that many self-published electronic writers had done it better if not well.
And well, to stab the heart of a man who is already down and out, I read this crappy editorial by the Editor of a Business weekly whom I would describe as arrogant and vile.
Even their food reviews were slapped with a disclaimer that they had gone incognito at the outlets they have featured. What is questionable, is the stylised photographs.
You have to ask for permission somehow and if the restaurant owner had nothing to gain, they surely wouldn't had cooperated.
Well, they said you can never put a good man down. Its now time to rise to the ocassion and lay down to rest - the claim of being 'ultimate' and 'definitive'.

More reason to hug my Grinchskies..

Our boy is turning five this year..

The Coonkid is already four, but she still yaps instead of bark..

A mutual acquaintance of ours had lost her dog.
It was a pure white Siberian Husky which is barely a year old. The girl and her boyfriend was at work when their pooch died.
I read with sadness on her dedication to her pet. Having seen that, I love my kids even more.
They spend at least 12 hours at home alone without supervision and so far, God has been kind.
Other than de-ticking my girl and ocassionally facing some skin problems, my Huskies are fine.
The fear that someday, some asshat may toss over a piece of meat laced with poison looms over my mind each time I close the gate behind them before I head off for work.
But so far, so good. Never tempt faith.
My boy had been keeping the home safe and strangely for a Husky, he's a good guard dog. Anyone that can walk away with my dog would be the girl. She's too friendly.
That said, we hope to have as many good years as possible with the kids. They are the reason why we are a family..