Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Test ride: Tern Link P9

Everything is okay...
I called up the K2 Asia guy to arrange for a delivery of the Tern Link P9.
This is a premium-line model from the folding bike manufacturer and has a pricetag of RM2.8k.
That's quite a sum to pay if you are looking for your first bike.
But, wait! The Link P9 is not your average ride.
Its a worthy upgrade for those who had cycled a basic model with the average-quality components.

The LP9 - folded

Its no secret that the Link P9 was derived from the Dahon Speed P8, which is one of the best bikes ever made by the company.
Tern is taking this one step beyond by further improving the design.
Although similar in appearance, both bikes are different in many ways.

New for the enthusiast
The Link P9 comes with a 9-speed drivetrain.
And like its predecessor, you can expect some really good quality stuff that are used to put this bike together.
What I can say is this: the built quality and components on the Link P9 would ensure you loads of fun and if you maintain the bike well, its there to last.

This bike weighs at 11.5kgs. 
Its light enough to be packed and carried onto the LRT, KTM Komuter, Public buses and taxis.
Folding is a breeze as it takes less than 15 seconds (my own pace) to fold.
It as a rider's maximum weight of 110kgs which means that Godzilla-sized guys like me are able to cycle it with ease.
I clocked-in the maximum speed on a flat stretch at 32km/h.
And on the slope, it went as fast as 55km/h downhill.
Braking was responsive and with the new SRAM 9-speed twist-shifter, the transmission between cogwheels was smooth and precise.
I love how the Link P9 handles which is nippy and tight.
Its not twitchy at all compared to some bikes from the same class.

Responsive: The SRAM 9-speed twist shifter
 And now, for the part that sucks..
Well, part from a short handlebar stem where a large guy like me had to lean forward a bit, I couldn't complain about the overall fit, finish and quality of this bike.
Having cycled the Link P9 for 100km, the only slack part is the vulnerability of the drive train to chain-slips. This can be easily remedied with a tune-up at the service dealer.

The Tern Link P9

I see the future in Tern Bicycles as the company continues to progress with their award-winning designs.
As for the Link P9, this is one bike that you can use for your daily exercise, short distance commute and it has the capabilities of being upgraded for touring and bikepacking.
For its firmness, solid lock-up and handling, I would give this bike a two thumbs-up.

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