Monday, June 30, 2008

Dog Olympics story for July 3

My boy might be featured!
My kidz might make it to the centrespread...

My colleague told me that my piece on the Sunday Dog Olympics is gonna be used for Thursday! Yaaay!!!!!

Dog Olympics story for July 3

My colleague told me that my piece on the Sunday Dog Olympics is gonna be used for Thursday! Yaaay!!!!!

Sunday's doggy bash...

Me and the kidz
Michelle and the Coonkid
Naughty getting special attention from Mrs Chong

Man, I am still tired from Sunday's outing. Mainly lethargy and the lack of sleep. I had a blast and I guess Michelle felt the same and so did the kidz.

We hungout at One Utama's Central Park for nearly half the day and when we got home, the kidz were already zonked out.

Nothing much to do but to unload, unpack and upload the photos taken. I snapped more than 300 shots on the camera. Some not so great, one or two memorable shots.

They were posted on the Husky Forums. Anyways, I was glad to find out that my boy has no German Sherpard blood cos I really saw one that looks exactly like a GSD with Siberian Husky markings.

Mystery still surrounds the origin of Clifford @ Sir Naughty. Queenie the Coonkid on the other hand, was having a ball making friends with the other pooches. She was ravaged by one of the male dogs nearing the end of the event.

Now that the dust had settled, I can look forward to a break before the next outing in August...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday nite party hangover..

Tropical Equipment's boss Kelvin Yong addressing the crowd
Me, Big D and Lala Cloft

My head felt as if it was pounded by heavy artillery. Yet, I got up and gave the kidz their bath and scooted off to work.

Last nite was a blast! Tropical Equipment, who invited me to their Surefire appreciation nite, threw a lavish party for their dealers and customers.

I met an old friend Ramlan Rafie who happens to be there and is now living in Subang Jaya. And to my surprise, old Bob Anaconda showed up.

There were some familiar faces like Scott Roberts and his wife from Global Aerotech and dealer Eddy Ng of Jaya DIY.

And of course, the highlight was the new toys being shown. Now that I am completely weaned off Surefires, its kinda cool to see the number of users and collectors growing in the Klang Valley. Tropical had survived for five years in the business and I told them that if they need any support, they'll get it cos they are Malaysian. We stand together on this.

Hooray!! Its Friday!!!

I am done with my field work and tonite, there is an evening assignment. Just need to get home and prepare the lambchops, then bathe the doggies tomorrow and we are set for our Dog Olympics on Sunday!! Man, time flies...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wah! What a heavy day!

I was on my feet from 07:45am and hope to catch a ride home by 19:15pm. Lots of admin chores and tasking to perform. Tomorrow will be field work day. So, can relax before Saturday where I am expected to fill in the pages for Metro Southeast. And attend a wedding on that same evening too! Fuahhhhh!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My dog's dual personality

Sir Naughty
The Tazmanian Devil
Queenie @ Coonkid
Wiley E Coyote

Naughty's split image is the Tazmanian Devil while the Coonkid is a dead ringer for Wiley E Coyote.. hur-hur-hur! Why? Cos the Great Sir is one helluva barker and trouble maker, while our Coonkid is one scheming doggy...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Piaggio days..

The Gilera Nexus 500
Piaggio's Evo 400

I miss my Piaggio Hexagon. Been two years since it was left as a pile of scrap. For me, the bike was a lifeline, connecting me to work and other places. It also made my wife very anxious each time I ride out with the scoot.

There's this constant fear that my brains and body parts will be used to line the pavement following high incidences of road accidents in Puchong where it was my regular route to work and back to my home in USJ 26.

Earlier this year, I also scrapped my Gilera Runner SP180. It was a post accident bike which was not roadworthy. I only got back about 8% from my cost on the bike and as for the Piaggio Hexagon, it was completely written off.

With fuel prices so high, I wish I was on my Piaggio and Gilera again. And when it comes to making only one choice - it'll be the Gilera Nexus 500 hands-down!

My next camera projek

The new EOS1000D

Its been close to 17 years since my last SLR. And with technology developing so fast, its the digital age now. Cameras cost five times as much compared to the old days and the inflation don't really help.

I am looking at an entry-level D-SLR and my choices have been narrowed down to the Pentax K-20D and Canon EOS 1000D. Both are different animals.

Piont being is that the Pentax demands RM5,000 for its body alone and their lenses are a different story. The Pentax camera is made in the Philippines while Canon still manufactures their cameras in Japan.

I would say that the advantage is clearly on Canon's side because of its cost and effectiveness. Its also field proven.

I'd reckon that the EOS 1000D would cost no less than RM3K as a full kit camera. What I need to stock up - are the lenses, starting with a 24mm, 50mm and perhaps a 180mm to cover all the basic focal lengths.

As for the big apreture lenses, I'd save my money for other things. I guess if I take the EOS 1000D out on a spin, people might shake their heads.

Which reminded me once when I went to Singapore with my wife for a wedding dinner. There was this 'know-it-all' fucktard who said nothing else compares to the f 2.8 lenses.

His statements were retarded and seeing that he is from a well-off family, everyone else are assholes in his line of sight.

Oh, nevermind. I have yet to see his work. All talk, but no action. My conclusion is that self-centred people can be retarded.

Back the topic -- I am counting on my buddy Mr C.H. Loh on his latest intelligence report on the launch of the EOS 1000D.

Hopefully, I can score one and have some real good fun with it! And yeah, its the person behind the camera, not the camera that makes the difference...

Three more days to go...

Naughty looking rather restless...
Well, at least he'll me meeting up with some old friends on Sunday!

Queenie my Coonkid was browling this morning. It gave me great joy to see the pooch wagging away its tail and at the same time, greeting me and Michelle early in the morning. Its her way of saying "Grrrrrrroooowwwddd Mwwwrrrrooorrnnninnngggg!!".

Anyways, Dog Olympic at 1 Utama's central park is three days away. I am making preparation to get the lambchops ready and marinated. Not forgetting sausages. That's my responsibility for the past few outings.

I am looking forward to having fun with the kids and I think Sir Naughty and the Coonkid would also be delighted...

The Grinchskies and this weekend..

Two down, four to go.. I am anxiously awaiting the moment - a gathering of Siberian Huskies and their owners at Bandar Utama's Central Park!

My kidz has been holding out well on their own and yeah, they shed again! Its time to furminate them and get both of them in prime shape.

Sir Naughty is gonna bark like hell -- being his usual self and Dame Queenie is gonna lick everyone on sight..

Oh well, can't wait for this Sunday!

Well, whaddaya know??

I was having coffee with my buddy CM at Mid Valley Garden's Starbucks. We were chatting about some office stuff and while we were at it, lo and behold!

An ex-supervisor at my old section had appeared with a bunch of faggots at the counter. She tried to be evasive and hid behind a larger fruit cake. I watched from a distance as the lady slowly eased herself away. Guilt perhaps?

This was the same turd-knocker who quit my old workplace last week. Seems that with her days numbered, all her bad deeds had caught up. Its poetic justice.. Anyways, this retard made her way to the smoking section with her back facing the door.

Way I see it, power corrupts and authority had turned this woman into a retarded person. Her lack of experience in the newsroom was her downfall. Funny to know that people who are loud and utterly useless are the ones that run the show. They get in through their connection and are usually short-stint employees.

Anyways, I am glad to be out of the loop, starting over a new life in a place which I am farmiliar with. But my senses tells me that I will bump into more of my ex-boss' cronies near the Menara where an on-line publication is being housed. Who might the be?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Reaping the seeds you sow..

A forum member at the MKF noted two things : Freedom of speech is not practised and Everyone must be a 'Yes-man' even if it kills. He wanted this included as part of the forum's policy.

How amusing? I have been patient with people and over the years, had learned to control my anger and outbursts when it comes to dealing with stupid people.

Its no doubt that the said person was a respected member at British Blades Forums. That said, old school mentality.

The way I read it, this guy is perhaps an older individual, perhaps in his 40s or 50s. I don't have the details.

He started allright, showcasing some of his leathercraft. Which is okay to see and admire. But when person gets this attitude about 'I eat salt more than you eat rice', other issues arise.

To the old school type, most of his or her opinion is self-centred. I may be wrong. But most of these folks have something about their opinion.

They rather shove into our face rather than retract and apologize. Sometimes, we need to make good of a situation.

I've pondered on this for a while and well, it kinda bugged me. Why be so nice? You give them a yard, the eat up a mile.

Anyways, he got defensive, and backed off by shelling two more one-liners. Its too bad. The forum is now bigger than ever, splits like such do happen. You cannot please everyone.

So, if this wise man has to go, it'll be for his own good. I didn't shoo him off. Instead, I told him to take it easy, have a cigar, a few beers, loosen up and the door is open.

Moral of the story : one man's meat, is another man's poison. You may say that something is good, but its shit to the other man.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Zip-Vac Outdoorsman kit has arrived!

Fuahhhhhhh!!! Finally!!!! My barang just arrived in two boxes! Thanks to Sistah T from the USN who volunteered to get it for me! It came rather late, so, I will use it to pack squids on my July 19 trip.

I am amazed with the solidly built electric and manual pump. Now, all I need, is to get a step-down AC converter so that I can charge the electric pump's built-in battery. As for the manual one, no problems!

I also got some quart and gallon bags. But after seeing some really cool fillet and jumbo bags, I now menggatal to score them for the trip! With that said and done, I can look forward to some fresh squid sashimi for dinner!

What goes around, comes around..

I caught wind from an ex-colleague that one of their supervisors had left the job. Not surprising considering the low mortality rate of the management staff over there. What made it worst, is the said person's inexperience in handling day-to-day affairs.

As a matter of fact, she was brought in by her friend, my ex-boss and sat on the desk to oversee matters. Again, I must stress that in a fast-paced environment at the newsroom, training and experience is an essential factor.

If you have neither, you are as good as lost. What made me sad, was my effort that was put in to make the 'Streets' section going. Rather than managing the section, this said supervisor had exhausted every single story which I had stockpiled.

For her lacking, she put the blame on me. This was raised at an informal meeting with the new section head who took over from my ex-boss. If she had half the brains, it would have been a waste of time to engage in a confrontational way.

My mind was set to leave anyways, so, I asked if she took every accusation literally. She tried to mediate a meeting to resolve the matter which did not materialise. Too bad. My loss, their gain. It was a matter of time for the supervisor because she didn't realise that she was working for the majority - who were racist.

Its also very sad for the person to pick on her own race and bully junior reporters. Alas, the Karma part played its role. What goes around comes around. I think she will find a better job elsewhere. But for the pain inflicted to others, she wouldn't find a piece of mind because that shit-stain on her face will follow her wherever she goes.

That said, good riddence to bad thrash. I hope and pray for the best to the younger set at my old section. May they prosper.

Sayonara Sheares!

The new store at Selegie Road
My buddy Sean in the store's knife section..

I've known the Sheares Marketing guys in Singapore for 10 years. And its time to part ways. They've got too big and I guess the island State's largest knifestore don't need any businesss from across the causeway.

For 10 years, I have been recommending the store to many Malaysians visiting the Republic. But after Saturday's visit, I'd say they can fuck off and kiss my ass. No more referrals.

I am a patient guy and even after visiting their store on Beach Road with all that snubbing treatment, I remained cool by paying the store a few follow-up visits. But now, its a different ball game. They don't need me, I have no need for them. Time to move on with the good times and if there is ever a need to acquire some edged tools, its the internet that will square it off..

I've had enough of dealing with incompetent people..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21 Singapore Run..

The early morning drive..
Michelle and her lunch...
Blanco Court's Prawn noodles..
Chilling out at Campers..

Just came back from Singapore after spending a night down there. It was a tiring trip - driving 4 hours to beat some dateline. I mostly accompanied my wife who was on a business trip. She pow the fuel, toll and accommodation while I took care of the measely meals.

When we hit the causeway, I drove to Beduk to deliver a DVD to her cousin who got married two weeks ago in KL. Taking wedding shots are hell. Its even more fucked up when people expect you to serve them for free. But with family first, I kinda let my guard down. Anyway, what's done was done.

We checked it at the hotel, the took off to Beach Road on foot to get some lunch. Along the way, I checked out the plastic meat grinder that I have been searching for in KL. At SGD$38.95, well, some other time. We had prawn noodles at the "Blanco Court Prawn Noodles" restaurant at Beach Road where all the tacklestores are situated. Then took an MRT ride from Bugis Junction to City Hall. Caught up with Calvin Tay at Camper's Corner and checked out some other stuff at Funan IT mall.

Then, we made our way back to the hotel on foot from North Bridge Road. Later, I took Michelle out for dinner at Lavender Food Court. Spent SGD$10.40 on a cab ride there. Anyways, after dinner, we walked through Serangoon and back to the hotel. I was dead tired. My feet hurts and well, I don't see any prospect of staying a day longer, so, decided to take off and head home, first thing in the morning. The drive was smooth and it took us about 2.5 hours to get home from the Skudai toll.

With the exchange rate of 1 SGD = RM2.41, I'd say that it will be a while that I make any trip South...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dinner at Ryota's

I scored this double hook-up!
Squid sashimi
My okizuke recpie worked!
Grilled squid fillet..

I've made a deal with Ryota Hazishume. Squid for sake. And he honours every word. The squid sashimi was awesome! And needless to say, I passed my test with the okizuke (squid preserved in sake, mirin and shoyu).

Mrs Samo too, was happy with the fine presentation - squid tempura, kaarage, sashimi and the okizuke. The only thing that pisses me off, was some freeloaders who hung out at the bar, who was talking cock all the time.

Oh, anyway, I am looking forward to my next outing in mid-July which is our last session for the year...

A good outing..

Waiting for our ride..
The squid boats
Eddie saying a prayer..
Me and my squid buster rod and reel..
Eddie and his catch..

Well, I am back from Kemaman, Terengganu. Been a hectic day as I am fighting sleep depravation and fatigue. The weather was allright except that it was rather windy at night out at sea.

So, having convened with the rest of the gang, I decided to call for a trip back to shore. We spent another two hours on the road before hitting KL at mid-noon. Later at night, we had squid sashimi and my okizuke recipe at Ryota's shoju bar in USJ 10.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going squid-jigging!!!!

I am totally pumped-up! Hopefully, the gods will smile on us and grant my team a good haul! Tomorrow will be the day of reckoning. After a month of planning, I am setting out cash in on the peak of the squid season in the east coast!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Alex Ang's new menu...

Oily, but passable - Ang's curry laksa
This one can be improved - the chicken sar hor fun
Chief tester from the Malaysian Institue of Curry Laksa Research - Mrs Samo

Coffee-shop owner Alex Ang has taken his business one step ahead with his new curry mee and sar hor fun stall. He invited me to check out his recipe at Q-up coffee-shop at Goodyear Court 2 in USJ 6.

Ang claimed that no one else in the neighbourhood has his Ipoh ingredients and preparation style. Something which I gladly obliged in trying. I found that the laksa was too oily for my taste and it was not as creamy as I had expected.

As far as the garnishing is concerned, no complaints lah! For taste, I'd say that Ang's curry laksa can match some makan places around the USJ area, but he is far from the stall that I usually eat at Mei Sek coffee-shop in USJ 14.

Compared to Fu Shou Lu (mustachioed man) laksa in USJ 2, I think Ang's laksa can give the guy a run for his money lah! Only thing is that when you want to eat, make sure you get it in 'full blast' with the extra ingredients as well as plenty of sambal.

The hor fun is so-so in my books. Could have been improved. I found the gravy a bit too thick for my taste..

Show me the money!

This lil' kitty was one of them early birds besides the Pak Cik who waited first in line
The crowd at 8:29am this morning

Ahhhhh!! Crisp RM100 notes x 5 and some spare change. All I need to do, was to show my id and when its a go, roll my left thumb and that was it! RM625.00 to go! So, that said, half of it is going to fund my trip with Mrs Samo to Singapore on Saturday.

Man, I never felt that broke ever! Its gonna be a tight squeeze before the week wraps up and after that, one full week before the Dog Olympic at One U on Sun, June 29...

Monday morning blues..

Yeeh, sleep deprived - this was how I felt during mid-day..

Ahh.. Back to work. Got up at 5.30am this morning and got all psyched up to head out to Section 14's post office. Its day three at the petroleum subsidy rebate and well, the crowd wasn't as bad as the first day.

Managed to queue up at the counter and within 3 minutes - wallah!!! Free money!!! I am going to use the cash to subsidize my trip to Kemaman. Short-lived joy after all cos I have pages to fill and the story queue is as dry as the desert..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Slow day at the Samos

Michelle chilling out with the kidz

My week begins on Sunday. Woke up this morning and hauled my carcass to work. There's plenty to be done and with open pages to fill, I bet the day's not gonna go down so fast.

And speaking of dreams, it was Michelle's turn. She said she had a nightmare of being abducted by militants. Sometimes, I do get Deja Vus from dreams alone. And well, speaking of the 'marriage falling apart' episode I've reported earlier, I told this to my wife who laughed it off. Guess it was the short sleeping hours and work stress that did it.

Anyways, my wife said she will spend the day holed in at home, do the laundry, mow the grass and cook dinner.. Ugh!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Introducing : Sandy Socks!

My wifey with Sandy
Aaaahhh... That lost puppy look...
Sandy is a cool pooch!

Sandy Socks is the latest addition to the Lau family. She's only two months old and is the replacement doggy after Chubby, the family dog had passed away.

Michelle and I visited Sandy Socks yesterday evening and had a great time playing with the pup -- which is the livewire in the family.

I donated Queenie's puppy crate to house the lil mongrel pup and hope that someday, we'll be able to bring her along with Woggy, the older dog at the Lau residence to our regular doggy outings.