Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: The year in perspective...

Archery, archery, archery....

With KP Lau, my archery buddy
IT's only fair to say that 2016 had pretty much centered around archery. The year opened with an opportunity to compete in Thailand at the Princess Cup Archery tournament in June. Prior to that, we spent most of our weekend training at our little range in Subang Jaya.

Our team's concept logo
After registering at the Thai tournament, I came up with the idea of forming a team with its own identity.
Hence, the "Subang Barebow Archers". It's a steep learning curve for me as I designed the logo from scratch and when things started to take shape, it's a satisfying moment.

At the tournament venue in Bangkok
A humbling experience...

Bangkok taught me two things: how to get over performance anxiety and proper shot placement on the target.
Timing is everything and one does not need to rush on the shooting line. I used this experience to continue to stay in the game back at home, training resumes at the 18-meter lane with a 40cm, 10-ring target face salvaged from the tournament.

Staying in the game...

Training with a Martin Cypress takedown recurve bow
Exit Bangkok, we took part in a couple of local tournaments in the country to stay focused on overcoming anxiety and hone our shot placement.
In the months to come, we continued training in our small range and worked on our consistency.
The year draws to a close and we look forward to 2017 with the Princess Cup Archery tournament in Thailand. 
In the mean time, its back to more training...