Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dame Queenie 2006-2018

The vet rang up to inform the passing of Dame Queenie. My heart sank. She has been critically ill for the past few days and was treated at the Gasing Animal Hospital. The vet and medical staff there has given her the best treatment they can to alleviate her suffering from tick fever.
I picked up her body and laid her to rest next to Sir Naughty who died in December last year. The two were inseparable. I guess after the death of Sir Naughty, Queenie has been missing him. Now they are together again.

Throughout her life, Queenie has been a feisty pup. Always the expressive one and was also a great companion. We raised her from 8 weeks old right to her ripe old age of 12. So, losing a dog after so many years can be emotionally tough. We don't have children and we kept the dogs as our companion. Through the years, Sir Naughty and Dame Queenie have given us smiles on our faces. 

We missed both our kids and now, the legacy carries on with Bandit and Daisy, our latest addition to the Samopack. 
Rest in peace Queenie and thank you for all those good memories! Love, Momma and Poppa Samo....