Saturday, October 3, 2009

Verbal diarrhea

One of the traits that I have failed to excel is in the field of Public Relations.
I suck at that.
And today, I was tested.
Sufian, an old buddy of mine had invited me over to his parent's home in Bukit Damansara for their open house.
For me, its an excellent opportunity to catch up and basically touch base with an old friend.
Now, little did I know, the party was packed with high-powered folks.
Since I don't like to mingle and rub shoulders with rich folks, I decided to park myself at an obscure corner.
Then came Sufian's relative Azam, whom I have never met.
The guy was chatty and drew a good first impression.
Slowly, but surely the table was getting filled with guests.
An elderly man came and joined in the conversation and the next guy Sufian had introduced, was a middle-aged Chinese man who was introduced as 'Chong'.
We engaged in small talk and the first thing I noticed was that the guy was second-guessing every sentence I made during the conversation.
I never tell strangers what I do for a living, so, at most times, I was spared from much agony from taking questions and answers.
Over the years, mainstream journalism had taken a hit from the educated lot.
The extreme elite and blaming everything they could see on plain sight, right down the smallest molecule for the country's failure in many aspects.
They are read, write, express and are opinionated on many things.
Things that I felt, are too petty even to discuss.
And this Chong guy was whining and ranting about local politics, global economy and so on.
From a conversation, the entire situation was turned into a monologue.
It ruined the great meal I had and was wearing me out.
Listening to a middle-aged guy rant about things that are factually incorrect is like being tortured with a hot iron skewer.
Sufian was doing his bid, entertaining guests, so, I couldn't blame him for setting me up with a 51-year-old educated retard.
From my point of view, overeducated people who made money as 'fund managers' are simply retarted in thinking.
All they could think of -- is taking advantage of the political and economical climate to earn a few extra bucks.
And when they don't get their money, they start the 'blame game'.
Everything is wrong. They are right.
To me, I don't give a blue fuck about politics, money and fame.
Neither do I pay any attention to successful people or the who's who in the circle.
My day at the party ended with thanking Sufian for being an excellent host.
I apologized to him for being an ass.
While Chong was blabbering like a retard, I told him off.
I asked him to shut the fuck up because I hate talking about politics.
And I don't have to feel bad about this because I am not obligated to listen to morons.
So, after two hours at the high-powered lunch party, I made my way home.
It was a relief to be able to walk off without any guilt or hard feelings.
So, note to self: before going for another social party, screen the situation and when a guest starts to give verbal diarrhea, fake a stomach ache or tell him your relative just died..

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