Monday, June 7, 2010

Exposure to poisonous plants..

Before the itch: with the Macromaniacs at Sg Tua

Poison ivy leaves, I don't think these are found in Malaysia at all..

I can't believe my luck!Last week, while I was jungle bashing at the Selangor State forest park in Sungai Tua, I
explored parts of the jungle that was previously uncharted.We found nothing much and headed back to the common area there.And while I was ploughing through the foliage, the skin area on my legs and elbows were
contaminated with plant toxin.I developed rashes on my limbs, it became so bad, the itch had made my skin inflamed.So, naturally, my delayed reaction was to pay a visit to my doctor near the office.Dr Nasir who examined me said: "Ah, this is the effects of poison ivy.."My reaction was: "Huh? Got such thing ah?"The good doctor said he had seen similar cases and the first thing he asked was: "Did you
go into the jungle?".That ruled out my suspicion on eczema and other chronic skin diseases.The only time I developed rashes after a trek in the jungle was in Kelantan, which was
nearly seven years ago.I developed similar symptoms, but the itching was not as bad as what I had experienced
over the weekend.My doctor had prescribed me with some ointment and oral medication for the itch and
exposure to toxic plant.Hopefully, I will be up and about by the end of the week.

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Kurt (OrionMystery) said... got that in Sg Tua? Scary. I'll try to remember what the plant looks like.