Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dogathon 2010

I haven't been posting for some time and would like to start afresh with the
recent Dogathon 2010.Things went on really smooth for us at the Universiti Putra Malaysia fair
grounds. Michelle and I had a great time with the kidz and met up with some Siberian
Husky owners.One of them, Thomas Chai, is a local breeder.We spoke quite a bit on the Husky Club activities. I told him that I haven't been
active of late and had stayed away from the internet forums for a while.There's actually no reason for me to participate in the forum anymore after the
domain owner had blasted some members for being inactive.As usual, we wrapped up early and found that there has been some changes
towards educating pet owners on heat stroke. This resulated in the death of a dog last year. The best part that we've enjoyed the most was the freebies and the good
company of people whom we met at the pesta site.

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