Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Putra Heights Loop

Something is better than nothing... 

It was the second day of the Raya holidays and the part that really sucked was that I had to go to work.
The Penang round-island ride is just weeks away and frankly-speaking, we are still below the set level of fitness.
So, that said, the only time we can bring our bikes out is around the Putra Heights loop. 
The plan is to ride to Giant and work our way to Kg Bukit Lanchang and through a series of kampung roads leading back to Persiaran Harmony.
Roughly, this covers only about 15km in total.

Head start: Cycling up Persiaran Harmony
The plan

We set out to Kg Bukit Lanchang and made our way to Kg Tengah.
Michelle complained about the smell of rubbish and said that she wanted to puke.
I think she might have overexerted herself because we didn't eat anything.
All I had was some crackers and a cup of Milo.
That was my carbo-load.

The morning Sun

Cruising along Kg Bukit Lanchong

Overtaking a real cyclist
Team Eclipse

Relaxing with our dogs after the ride..
Abort! Abort! Abort!

Michelle had signaled to return home. 
She took her bike back to the house while I decided to circle some smaller loops around USJ 26 and USJ 27.
It took me about four loops to complete a 20.1km ride.
Basically, this is barely enough to keep ourselves in shape.
The part that suck was that I had to go to work shortly after returning home with the bike.

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