Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CFAL 05 - Part 1

The pilgrimage begins...

Michelle and I made it a point to join the Campaign For A Lane ride every year.
We did it for the first time back in the CFAL03 (2011) and had really enjoyed the ride.
Last year, we returned for our 82-km round-island fixed and fared rather okay.
I paid for the ride (RM70 per rider) as early as May and booked our places as a team.
This year, things are very different.
Instead of the regular 20" folding bikes, we used our Tern Eclipse 24" bikes.

A long haul

We left our home in Subang Jaya at 10am.
Before that, we had some makan in Putra Heights and started our journey on the highway.
By 2pm, we exited Batu Kawan toll and headed to our favourite restaurant for a late lunch.
It's been a year since we had some food there, so, it was a pure bliss to chill out and feast of the "Hai Wong Fan" (claypot crab rice) and a plate of steamed razor clams.

A real treat: Claypot crab rice

Choice morsels on the plate
After a good fill, we drove to the island.
Traffic was okay until we reached the Jelutong expressway.
It was a slow drive to Weld Quay where we slowly made our way to Gurney Drive.

Driving to the Penang bridge

Checking-in at G-Hotel

On the lap of luxury

It's a norm for us to crash in a budget accommodation.
This time round, Michelle had a complimentary stay at the G-Hotel in Gurney Drive.
We've been to this place to collect our cycling pack back in 2011 and it was quite an impressive joint.
Well, to our surprise, the hotel management had thrown-in a junior suite for three nights which we had gladly welcomed.
There's plenty of space for our bikes as well as room to chill out.
The bikes were bagged and brought into our room without any issues.
We set it up and chilled out till much later in the evening where we had a dinner appointment with Michelle's friends.

The spacious junior suite 
Complimentary beers courtesy of G-Hotel
Our first day in Penang was spent pretty much on settling down and heading out for a nice dinner treat by the Goh clan, Michelle's close friend.
I was pretty amazed with the accommodation arrangement as this time round we get to stay in style at the Pearl of the Orient...

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