Sunday, March 16, 2014

Knockaround phones - Part 2

Raising the bar...

If you have around RM680 to boot, the choice for a travel smartphone would be a Motorola Moto G.
Practically-speaking, its one of the only phone of its class to offer a quad-core 1.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.
Compared to cheaper phones, this one is much faster when it comes to running tasks.
It's quite an attractive package given the fact that it has a high-resolution 4.5" screen.

The Moto G
Superior Android OS

The Moto G come with the latest Android 4.3 Kit Kat OS.
These are found on Google's Nexus phones and tablets and is said to be really smooth.
Currently, very few smartphone manufacturers offers a KitKat phone under RM1,000.
And like its Nexus cousins, you can set up your Google account during start-up and you are in business.

Two SIMs are better than one...

Yeah, like the Nokia X, this baby has two SIM card slots.
This means that you can switch between "home" and "away" when it comes to getting connected with your loved ones.

The inner workings...

Motorola's Moto G comes in two versions.
You can have the 8GB or 16GB phones.
One word of caution is that when you load up the apps, it will eat into your phone's memory and there is no way you can externally expand it. 
The only downside about this phone is the fact that it does not have a MicroSD slot.
Files can be "pushed" to cloud based apps - but there is a catch. If you exceed the cloud storage space, you might have to pay for it.
As for camera, the Moto G's onboard camera is good enough to capture images in broad daylight.
I doubt that it would work well in low light.
But that is not my criteria. 
If I get this phone, its purely to get connected.
So, to sum it all up, the Moto G is regarded as phone with value for money and its quad core processor performance.

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