Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Garmin EDGE 1000: A gadget beyond our means?

Garmin's latest bicycling GPS is now available here..
There is no doubt about it that Garmin is the world leader in handheld and mobile GPS devices.
They make good stuff and you can get the most out if it.
My first Garmin cycling GPS was the EDGE800 which I am still using until now. With it, I have clocked more than 7,000km.
I bought a smaller one, the EDGE200 for my wife. It replaces her cyclometer.

Connectivity, improvements and tweaks..

Garmin came up with the EDGE810.
It had some minor tweaks including bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.
The EDGE1000 is something new. Not an improvement from the EDGE810.
It has a larger screen and the display orientation can be set on portrait or landscape.
Several cutting edge features on this device includes connectivity with smartphones and direct linkage with Garminconnect.com and a completely new user-interface.
All these features are impressive. 

But not the price..

I was informed by a Garmin dealer that the basic bundle for the EDGE1000 costs RM2,100. 
For this, you get the GPS, a mount, USB cable and charger.
Garmin USA's website list price is USD599 (RM1,902.72)
The performance bundle - GPS unit, heart rate monitor, cadence and speed sensor is priced at RM2,599 (USD699 = RM2,223).
I nearly fell off my car seat when I received the Whatsapp message from the dealer.
Seems that the EDGE1000 is more expensive than my HTC One M8 smartphone.

You might want to hold on to your horses...

My EDGE800 is still kicking. 
There no urgent need for an upgrade.
And seeing that the greedy Garmin distributor here is trying to skin prices, I would sit this one out and wait. 
At RM2,599, it will be a spectacular failure.. 
My experience with the Garmin retailer here, they will charge you for everything. Even a map update. So screw them!

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