Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The sign..

Last of the bicycle signs...

Michelle and I rode into the city some months back and noticed that something was missing.
Seems that the Public Works Department had removed the bicycle signage on the motorcycle lane along the Subang Jaya exit.

The bike sign on the Federal Highway in 2012
In February this year, the sign was gone..
Perhaps the PWD did not consider the lane as a "heavy use" facility for cyclists and on any given day, seeing a guy on a bicycle along this 42km stretch from Klang - KL is a rarity.
And so I thought it was completely gone.

But I was wrong..

I cycled to work on Merdeka Day.
It was the perfect set-up to ride as the roads were pretty clear.
Somewhere near Seri Setia, I noticed a bike sign that stood the test of time.
It's the only remaining bicycle sign along the stretch.
So far, I've seen at least two along the Federal Highway...

Where it should be: Bicycles and Motorcycles

This sign has seen better days!

Preserving it for posterity..

I don't know where the rest of the bike signs had gone and it's a good thing that a few are still remaining on the highway's bike lane - A reminder that bicycles were once a mode of transport for the city dweller.. 

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