Sunday, March 1, 2015

PSE Snake: A fun bow!

Everything begins with a small step...

After inducting Michelle into archery, it was time to outfit her.
For starters, there aren't many choices when it comes to light-poundage bows.
Michelle is not a huge person, and with her draw strength and height, one bow came to mind: the PSE Snake.
It's basically a youth bow which also bomb-proof.
This is a 60" single piece bow with brace height of 8-3/4".
The snake has a draw weight of 22lbs and is capable of firing an arrow into a 30-meter target bud at maximum draw.

Simple, yet elegant: The PSE Snake Youth Bow
Silver-screen popularity

The PSE Snake was used as a prop in "Hunger Games".
It was used by the lead actress in the first movie, which is a silver-coloured bow.
To average person, this is an affordable bow (retails around RM495) that comes with a set of stick-on arrow rest and a bow-string.

This bow is also as tough as nails because its made from composites
Simplicity and built to perform...

If you are a beginner, the snake is a fun bow to shoot.
It's easy to draw and release.
You can fire straight from the bow's shelf, or add an arrow rest. Three pieces of stick-on arrow rests are supplied with the bow.
But before you put it to use, its important to put in a nocking point on the string.
Straight out of the box, the PSE Snake is easy to string.
It takes a little practise to string the bow and once you get the hang of it, it could be done in a few seconds.

Michelle, stringing the bow for the first time
Shooting the PSE Snake 
Practise and gaining form in grouping

The PSE Snake is easy to shoot instinctively.
It's a bare bow and does not have any accessory port for sights and competitive arrow rests and clickers.
This is as basic as it gets and with the proper technique of drawing, aiming and releasing the arrow, you will be able to get a decent grouping in short distance shoots like 10 - 20 meters.
For 30-meters, the bow is able to shoot an arrow, hitting the target bud without the arrows bouncing off due to the lack of kinetic energy.
It could go as far as 50-meters but 22lb bow lacked the accuracy against windage and elevation.
The PSE Snake is excellent for beginners who want to take up target archery. It's now suitable for hunting.
This bow is available from Elite Sports Archery in Bandar, Menjelara, Kepong. For details, the store also has a Facebook Page.

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