Thursday, April 2, 2015


Just as predicted.. 

Six months ago, there were some movements in the workplace.
Our honcho had delegated duties to two of her trustworthy deputies. 
This left me and another colleague without much "vital" access to the section and in terms of responsibilities, we were merely "back-ups".
I watched one of the person that was being groomed to take the helm.
On the hierarchy, I was the most senior guy.
Changes were made, it happened so fast, I noticed that I was placed below the person slotted to take the top spot.

April's fool

On the first day of April, the names of people who got promoted was officially released. I congratulated a few folks, they deserved what they get.
And as predicted, the person who was given all the push became my boss. This elevated the honcho's post to number 1 as the older guy had literally "washed" his hands.
All I got, was a meager increment.
I didn't complain. But felt betrayed. All the work done over a period of eight years became futile. I don't expect any promotion because the honcho never liked me. 

The signs..

First, they killed my street food column. I did not protest. I knew it was time to let it die. The old guy found out only three months later and I got a shelling for it. I won't continue with the column anymore. 
Then, I was put on "light" duties. Checking emails, answering calls, well, short of being an office helper. I didn't protest. Despite being victimized. I kept my cool. There really is no point fighting this. There were other acts of sabotage by co-conspirators, but it fell through or short of their target.

Tough days, years ahead

The numero uno is in charge now. She will make life hell. I am dug in, ready to sacrifice pay and position because I still have a few good years left in my career. The woman will do everything in her power to make me look bad. I don't care. If I show that I am weakened by this, it's victory for them. They made me felt like I don't belong anymore in their realm, I now work in exile. I can kiss the good performance bonuses goodbye, settle for little or no increment in the years to come. I am thankful to have my spouse to listen to me and friends to lend advice on how to deal with this. Now, my strength comes from my family, commitment to do even better. 

Banishment is a blessing in disguise

Falling out of favour puts me away from the radar. I do what I need to do in my eight-hour day to fulfill my job tasks. The rest of my time is solely mine. I don't give an inch to any of my detractors. They don't own me. That's that..

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