Thursday, December 24, 2015

Taiping - revisited...

Back on the saddle...

Port Weld's famous charcoal kiln
It's been months since I rode my bike and a trip to Taiping became the perfect opportunity to link up with old friends and new ones.
I kept my word with Johnny Ng, a close friend on getting the trip organized. The plan was to leave Kuala Lumpur via the KTMB's ETS service and get off in Taiping, Perak.
But there was a snag. Tickets were sold out. 
So, the next plan of action was to get off in Ipoh and find our way there.

At the KL Sentral Station prior to departure
I bought my own return tickets and met Johnny and a few other cyclists in Kepong Sentral station. 
We began our journey to Ipoh and had some time to catch up for some conversation.
Besides Johnny, five other people came along this trip. They were invited by him as we had to keep the numbers low and manageable.

Loading up on the ETS coach
A must-capture photo session in Ipoh

In Simpang, some 7km to go before Port Weld
At the first railway station in Malaysia

Lunch at Tepi Sungai restaurant, Port Weld

Deep-fried baby crabs

The fishing village in Port Weld
When we got off the ETS in Ipoh, it was a mad rush to the Medan Kidd bus station. There, we managed to secure our passage to Taiping.
It took more than an hour for the bus to arrive at Simpang where we got off and continued our ride towards Port Weld.
After traveling for seven kilometres, we arrived at one fo the oldest known towns in the country and had our lunch there.
Later in the day, we rode back to Taiping and checked-in at a motel where we spent the night.
The rest of the group had decided to head down to Ipoh for a ride while I made the call to head straight back to KL due to work commitment.
I've been to Taiping a couple of times and it was a real memorable trip as we approached the last month of the year.

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