Monday, April 12, 2010

Attention needed..

You can never mix profit with passion.
I found this out the hard way through years and years of slogging it out in the field.
Speaking of earning some extra cash, I had some offers to write on a freelance basis.
Basically, advertorials and the basis for doing this is my hobbies and some extra cash.
But then, who the fuck am I kidding.
I am just fucking myself with more work and some unecessary stress.
Its bad enough I have to endure my 12-hour/day work and take instructions.
Financially, I making my end's meet.
So, the fantasy part is always being 'wanted' to partake in some projects and getting paid.
Looking back, I've always enjoyed my privacy, hobbies and anonymity.
I am not an attention-seeking whore and don't see any reason why I should do so.
That said, I tried the alternative way of earning some extra cash, but meeting up with even higher expectations for a pittance just don't cut it.
If there's anyone who needs to whore for fame and get paid for it, they can have all my share.
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