Saturday, April 24, 2010

Canon MR14EX ring flash

Not the best example, but you can see the ring flash catch light on the spider's eyes..

The Canon MR14EX is an affordable solution for close-up shots..

When it comes to the crunch, very few flashguns can perform especially for close-up shots.Either you modify a regular flash and use a flash bracket to get the proximity (lots of
diffusion work and mostly DIY innovation involved) or invest in a proper illumination tool.And that brings us to the subject of the Canon MR14EX ring flash.This baby can yield results and you can say goodbye to all those clumsy snoot diffuser and
brackets.Best of all, it weighs pretty decently which allows you to lug it into the jungle without much
hassle.I found that the ring flash that attaches onto the front end of the lens is more agile compared
to a flashgun with a snoot mounted.This allows you to work in tight spaces and get some really good results.All you need to learn, is the proper diffusion technique and understand the ring flash and
what it can do for you in terms of getting an evenly-lit shot.This is of course -- control and skill with the flash output.When I first toyed with it three weeks ago, I found that my shots are getting much better. Then, its a matter of getting the right diffusion and proper focal plane to get a better depth of
field.With the flash directly in front of the lens, there is no issue about weak lighting.Even the lighting ratio can be controlled to your desired effect.Frankly speaking, I still have plenty to learn about this close-up flash device and seeing as it
is, the only way is to go out and practise my lighting control techniques.
To sum it all up, the MR14EX is a good start if you demand a decent shot with Canon's range of macro lenses. The shiznit, if of course the MT24EX twin flash for macro photography..
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