Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rediscovering photography

Hobbies are fun.And I am rediscovering photography as a hobby rather than a profession.Seventeen years ago, I lug about 15kgs of equipment to make a living out of photography.My career started in The Star and ended in a subsidiary company of Utusan Malaysia.All in, I pursued a career as a professional photographer for five years.And during that period in my life, I have captured images of events and people across the
country.I never gloat about the past or try to get attention through my published work and little did I
realised that the images that was recorded through my lens were chronicles in time
communicated with pictures.The job scope of a local Press photographer is limited to the coverage of its publication.Anything beyond that would be a stint in the wire service.Now, based on experience, those who entered the wire service in Malaysia are mostly highly
referred with the exception of a few individuals who gained access through their connection,
which is a corrupt practise when viewed from the moral prospective.I left the scene after five years knowing that it would be as far as I would take it.Now, most of the guys whom I had worked with are at the height of their career.I am very happy for them and their achievements.A handful had switched from photography to full time writing.And an ex-colleague of mine in Terengganu was the shining example.I won't touch on writing because that is a different realm.Back to photography, I am finding time again to learn the ropes.Getting in touch with reality, I know for a fact that hobbies should not be a profit-driven
pursuit.I am not looking at making tonnes of money from showing my work.To me, its personal satisfaction and a good use of my time.The least I can say is that I still possess the skills and I know how to use the tools and with
my bare hands, I create a visual treat for people and in a certain way, motivate others
because it takes a little effort to see things work.
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