Monday, April 12, 2010

Enter the weevil..

A mossy weevil

This is a cute weevil

Look at the nose!

A fungus weevil

I've had little regards for the little weevil .
As far as I could remember, these tiny critters used to crawl in my rice bowl.
And if left alone, they will turn rice grain into powder and spawn a couple of generations before the damaged rice is thrown away.
That little insect is called the rice weevil.
Now, little did I know, there are other species of weevils in the wild that are five times bigger than the rice weevil.
These guys are actually cute and relatively harmless.
They feed mainly on plants and in a world that is threatened ecologically, the weevil has its role to play.
Today, I don't see them as pests, but indicator species to how polluted our world has become.
The more I see them, the more I appreciate them. Especially from a macro photographer's point of view...
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