Monday, April 26, 2010

Now what?

I've just received a purchase offer sheet from my colleague in the photo room and Canon
Marketing Malaysia is offering some cameras for sale at discounted prices.Similary, Nikon Malaysia, now - which entirely on its own, are also offering cameras to the Press at rock bottom prices.I was a Nikon user and had some bad run-ins with the morons who represented the company.Today, they are trying very hard to recapture their lost segment of the market.As for the new pricing and offers, I shall not reveal how much they are giving but the fact that Canon is giving a sackload of freebies with the purchase of their EOS7D camera just pissed me off.I got mine without any, well, not that I am a fucking freeloader or what, the fact that they are throwing in all the carrots and cream pies just rubbed salt in the gaping wound.Spare the cheaper price, the entire package is bundled in with some books, screen protector and large capacity CF card.
Despite some subliminal efforts in promoting their ware through some of my published work, nothing came my way.
I never asked. Well, not even a word of thanks and best of all, I actually sent in a faulty Powershot G-7 for repair
and was slapped with an estimated bill of RM450.So much for customer loyalty.I am forgoing the follies and after my MPE-65 and 400mm F5.6L lens and full-frame project is completed, I might look at other alternatives.
Like Nikon in the past, Canon would be in the same predicament if they don't look after their
prime customers, especially folks from the media who are using nearly 90% of their goods.
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