Thursday, April 1, 2010

They own the night...

A very handsome beetle

This guy is featureless. Its the most boring bug I've come across..

I've tested my Samo Frankenfuser mark IV last night with some promising results.It takes a little effort to walk out to a small wooded area near the housing estate's fencing
and the bugs are all there for the taking.While most of the beetles are similar in appearance, I found one that is roughly about 9mm
in length which turned out to be the bug superstar of the night.Apart from beetles, I also found two huntsman spider lurking on a bunch of pandan leaves.And when it comes to predators, these are on top of the food chain and they literally own the
night.Well, there still tonight at the patch of shrubs and I hope to find more interesting creatures that are lurking in the dark.
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