Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tale of the longhorned beetle

I received a phone call from a reader by the name of Mr Chan who asked me a sackload of
question about the longhorn beetle shot which was published on the 'Thousand Word' page
on Starmetro (April 19)He was fascinated with the shot and floored me with questions on equipment and focal
length of my lens.I told him that any camera with the right equipment can do the job and that if you join the right
crowd, you would be exposed to such bugs and get the correct pointers on how to shoot it."I have cut out the page so that I could show it to my grand child. Its top quality and has
National Geographic standards..," he said.Well, for a moment in gloom, that lifted the dark clouds over my head.I felt that I have done something right by communicating through that picture and hope to do
more with so many outings in store..
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