Sunday, April 25, 2010

Canon EF100mm F2.8L IS

My work, published in Starmetro's 'A thousand words' on April 20
The EF100mm F2.8L IS

Canon's EF100mm F2.8L IS macro lens is by far -- one of the most versatile close-up lenses ever to hit the shelves.But with a higher price tag compared to its predecessor the EF100mm F2.8 USM, it may not be far reaching to macro photography enthusiasts.This new lens features Image Stabilization at telefocal length, giving it a secondary function as a portraiture tool.But its primarily a macro lens with 1:1 magnification capability.And with a fast aperture of F2.8, the 100mmL is able to capture images in demanding situations.For me, this is now my primary close-up lens and I am enjoying it a lot.It gives clear and sharp images and having tried it numerous times with my Canon 430EXII flashgun, I've decided to pair it with the MR14EX ring flash.This is the 100mmL's perfect companion and its been producing some really cool shots.Like what my mentor has mentioned earlier, I need to master the MR14EX to produce even better shot.As it is, some of my work with the 100mmL has been published and I am very satisfied with the results.
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