Saturday, February 26, 2011

Building a bicycle recovery kit

Topeak's pocket ratchet, chain tool, Rescue box and tube patch

The chain pins and 'magic' chain link in its holster

A set of chain pins on the Topeak chain tool

"Better safe than sorry".
That has been my motto to overcome any situation thrown at me on the trail.
With my Dahon Speed P8, I always pack a set of tools on my saddle bag.
And on my seat post, there is a permanently bolted set of Topeak Alien 3 tool and the only thing missing there, is a large nut.
This was taken by a cyclist back in October. I still haven't recovered it back.
To think of preparedness, its really sad to know that there are folks out there who are utterly shameless when it comes to borrowing tools from other people.
Anyway, back on the subject, I have assembled a 'rescue box' with some extra chain pins and 'magic' link.
When I first purchased the box, it came with a metal abrasive and some self adhesive tube patches.
That was the entire package. At first, I thought the chain pins and links were missing. It was stated as 'optional'.
The pins itself, are not cheap. The good ones costs about RM10 a piece while 'normal' ones for 9-speed chains are sold at RM3 a piece.
If you experience a broken link, the chain pin can be inserted and broken off to form the link.
Another rescue tool is the 'magic' link.
A pair would cost about RM22.00 and the cheapest is sold at RM14. That is a huge saving!
When I ride, there's always a chain tool and a mini pocket ratchet in my saddlebag.
Since I don't depend entirely on other people, I tend to carry extra tyre tube patches.
So far, the mini ratchet has served its purpose.
Parts that are screwed on with torx or philip nuts can be easily removed.
I have yet to use the chain pins or link, and if there is a need to do so, its always there.
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