Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suspect SMF 2.0

A folding knife which I am proud to carry
Nearly two years ago, I proposed to Josh Lee of Strider Knives to work on a new 'Suspect SMF' folder.
This new version would be different from its predecessor and several changes were made before the design was finalised.
With collaboration from Starlinegear, the knife entered production and was delivered to a handful of people in high standing.
I dropped out of the order list as the cost became too high for me to bear. But remained committed in seeing the project complete as I took down names of the buyers. 
Strider Knives made a lot of effort by producing the folding knife with carbon fibre handles and a Starlinegear goat bead added class to the limited-edition folding knife made available only to a handful of people.
Time as passed and recently, one of the knives was offered on sale. 
I made mention of it and was surprised by Keith Crowder as the benefactor of the Suspect SMF 2.0 which was sent to me in the last days of 2010.
I had Keith to thank for this priceless gift and I'm very proud to be a part of it.
But my joy was shortlived as it was detained by the Malaysian Customs on Jan 01.
I made an appeal to the Home Ministry for its release and after a month of waiting, I rang up the Customs in KLIA and was told that no permit was needed after I explained to the officer who took my call.
What happened next, came as a big surprise.
I paid a small fee for processing the Customs papers and the knife was released unconditionally.
That said, I think the good vibes and smoke from my Suspect brothers and sisters have worked..
Today, the Suspect SMF 2.0 is in my keepsakes - an item that I would treasure for the rest of my life..
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