Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Betong, Thailand - part 1

Ride organiser TT Siang and wife Angela preparing their bikes

Michelle (far right) and the girls

At the Malaysia-Thai border marker
I felt privileged to be part of a light touring ride to the Yala Province in Southern Thailand.
Organised by veteran folding bike cyclist TT Siang, the ride took us from Pengkalan Hulu in Perak to the town of Betong.
This obscure landmark is located about 8km away from the border checkpoint and was a smooth downhill roll for most of us.
It took Siang at least three months to carefully plan the trip with logistics and accommodation and I would say that he and Angela did very well in executing it.
On the first day, we made a rendezvous with Siang and a few other people and rode across the border.
In Betong, we were greeted with recumbent cyclist Uncle Meng and his brother Keong.
From our hotel, we cycled to Mr Keong's farmhouse and was treated to a hearty lunch. 
The food and company was great. 
We made our way back to our hotel in mid-town and proceeded to dinner at an 'all you can eat' BBQ dinner later in the evening and called it a night.
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