Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dahon Pango Folding helmet

The Pango folding helmet survived two long-distance rides
When news about Dahon's Pango folding helmet had hit the scene late last year, it became an instant sensation.
This innovation was introduced here in Kuala Lumpur last month at the Dahon Folding Bike Club's second meeting.
It coincided with the launch of 11 new bikes and was a promotional gift item with a few high-end models.
Priced at RM350 a pop, I was hesitant to snatch one.
But things took a turn when I bought Michelle her first 20-inch folding tourer - the Speed TR.
The Pango was thrown-in as a package. 
So, I worked out an arrangement with the dealer for a black-coloured helmet (there are only two  in Malaysia).
First-impression I had was the helmet is simple enough to be folded and stashed.
However, it has some flaws.
People with small heads would find the Pango ill-fitting.
As for me, the helmet was actually a bit loose.
Padded foam inserts made it a snug fit and some adjustments on the helmet's strap made it secure.
My only grouse is that it doesn't come with a tightening mechanism for the back of the head.
To get the most out of this folding helmet, I removed the mesh on the top and back of the Pango for better ventilation.
And at 450grammes, this is not a lightweight head protection wear.
The only fanciful and 'wow!' factor is the fact that if folds neatly for storage.
To sum things up -- the Pango is a helmet which you would actually love or hate. For me, its slowly warming up as I am really liking its portability...
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